Follow these Instructions to Access the Wordsearch 12 AppStream

Read this first if you haven’t learned about the Wordsearch 12 Appstream for Catalina users.

If you are a Mac Catalina user, please email us at telling us you need access. Please include the email address associated with your Wordsearch Bible account. Due to the high volume of requests we are expecting, we ask that you email your request rather than calling in. We should be able to handle your request within 24 hours of receiving it.

Once your request has been received, we will grant you access to AppStream in your account through our customer database. At that time, you will receive a confirmation email with instructions to access the AppStream.

Find a list of FAQs here.


  1. James Grisham says

    I need access

  2. I had WordSearch 12 set up on my iMac. Then I came back later and it said session expired. Now I cannot find a way back in! I’m using Safari.

    • kcornett says

      Hi John, if you go to your account page on our site and click on Launch Wordsearch Desktop, it should open a new session for you. Also, just so you are aware, Safari doesn’t have the best performance with the AppStream. We recommend using Chrome or Firefox for a better experience. Thank you!

  3. Miguel A Maldonado says

    I need access

  4. Robert Carter says

    I have been able to open it, but it is slow on all browsers.
    I haven’t seen any difference between Safari and other browsers.
    I am unable to copy and paste into Adobe InDesign. MS Word, Pages or the built in word processor. It does not work, no matter what I try.

    • Hi Robert, sorry you are disappointed. Here are some steps you can try to copy and paste:

      • Robert Carter says

        Thank you. That icon does not appear on my desktop. All the other icons are there. Is there an option somewhere in the settings to bring it up?
        Other than that and the slowness (that is probably due to the Internet itself) all is well.

      • Robert Carter says

        Hi kcornett
        I’ve gone to that link but still cannot find the icon.
        What else can I do?

        • Hi Robert, are you using the Chrome browser? That one usually works best. If you continue to have issues, you can call our tech support team and they can help you out!

          • Thanks.
            I had to download Chrome and have finally got the thing working. It was a bit fiddly, but at least I can work again. Both Firefox and Safari do not show the icon. Its’s strange.

          • Great! I’ll let the support team know about the different browsers and the icon issue.

  5. Please grant me access. I am on Catalina.

  6. I successfully downloaded Catalina and updated Wordsearch 12; however, I cannot find the icon that will put the updated Wordsearch program on my screen (the old Wordsearch 12 icon does not work). Wordsearch 12 for 64 bit is working if I am online and launch from my browser; however, I do not want to be dependent on the internet.

    • Hi there, the AppStream is our temporary solution, and we still do not currently have an updated Worsearch 12 that works offline.

  7. HELP!
    The online version is simply not working properly for me. It is extremely slow to load and respond and the session times out regularly. Even going to make a coffee, I have returned to find it has timed out. I’ve tried to add more books and tried to save my desktop many times and it always comes back to the original I created once installing Chrome and going online. After adding books the indexing takes forever and even then many failures have been experienced with various error messages, some of which are relating to windows files. Windows?

    I am not joking, but this has taken me a full half day without success.

    When will a working offline version be available?

  8. I need access please

  9. Ozzie Maritnez says

    How come I cannot see my “christian living” and “textbooks” in the Appstream?

    • kcornett says

      Hi Ozzie, I just tried on my end and I can see those two categories on the appstream. Some books may not be available because of how they are licensed. If you have specific questions, please email and they should be able to help you out. Thank you.

  10. William Hesse Sr. says

    I’m still waiting “patiently” but because the stream version is so slow and I have to log in so often to use WS12 – well, I don’t use it at all. I try to eliminate as much aggravation in my life as possible.
    Please find someone or change IT people or software writers and make WS12 as useable as it was before Catalina.

    • kcornett says

      Hi William, sorry to hear that you are having issues with the appstream. We are doing all that we can to get the offline version available as soon as possible.

    • Robert Carter says

      Hi William and the Nortons.
      I’m with you.
      I am usually a very patient man but have given up on trying to use WS.
      We are “supposed to excel” in service and ministry…aren’t we?
      I cannot understand why in our present times of technology such a farcical situation arose in the first place…and still exists… given the lead time Apple advised developers.

  11. Mr. & Mrs. Bill Norton says

    I love Wordsearch and it works well until I add a new book, then the process of updating the library takes hours and it keeps timing out before it finishes. When will this ever be resolved?


  12. Pat OBrien says

    On, May 14 – – Wordsearch Bible posted:
    “Some positive news. Several weeks ago we had a list of seven key problems that needed to be addressed to finalize the fix for the offline version and we’re now down to just two bugs. Our Development Team has a lot of optimism that those two bugs have been correctly identified and a solid resolution plan is now in place.”

    On,June 1st –Wordsearch Bible posted:
    “We continue to work towards resolving bug issues. At this time we are not yet ready to release an ETA for a possible launch date for the offline version. If you’re not already aware, please scroll down to our post from April 6th to view instructions on how to access our our online AppStream option”.

    It’s been seven months since “Catalina” became available (October 2019). Yet, as I look over the comments of other “very frustrated Mac WS” users I am detecting a “never ending trend” that just cycles thru your “Catalina Updates” of reading the “same old same old”. Honestly speaking, you have “no real news” to post and the “real chance of a quality Mac OS version of WS” just is not going to happen in the “foreseable future”. I have a lot of money invested in your software and I can’t use it. The so-called “temporary App Stream” just doesn’t cut it. Sorry, but that’s the way I see it. I regret making WordsearchBible my primary “go-to” Bible Study program.

  13. Lisa Madison says

    I would like access. Can I request that here?

  14. Mr. & Mrs. Bill Norton says

    Will there ever be an update to make WS a 64 bit program? 11 months and still waiting, is it really going to happen? Can you give us an update?

    • kcornett says

      Significant progress has been made. We are currently planning on releasing an offline version of Wordsearch 12 for Catalina sometime next week. More details will be posted soon.

  15. Mr. & Mrs. Bill Norton says

    Any update as to when the 64 bit version of WS will be released?

    • kcornett says

      Significant progress has been made. We are currently planning on releasing an offline version of Wordsearch 12 for Catalina sometime next week. More details will be posted soon.

  16. Mr. & Mrs. Bill Norton says

    2 weeks later and still no update; any light at the end of the tunnel?

    • Hi there! Have you tried the offline version? You can find more details here:

      • Robert Carter says

        I have the offline version several times and it fails when trying to open one book, namely a bible.
        I have performed a total uninstall each time.

        A Christian organization should excel in service and excellence, but I am sorry to say that you have failed dismally. Thanking us for our patience is a poor excuse, Please fix it…

        • I’m sorry Robert, I understand how you feeling and am disappointed as well. We are doing the best we can, and I am really sorry and truly thankful for your patience. I am sorry if that phase came off insensitive.

      • Mr. & Mrs. Bill Norton says

        I’ve been using the online version since I updated to Catalina. It works but is really slow. I use both chrome & safari. Chrome takes for ever to load and installing new books can take hours. Safari opens quickly but is very limited and does not remember your settings. It seems to change each time I use it. A real 64 bit version would be wonderful!

        Thanks for your reply.

      • Mr. & Mrs. Bill Norton says

        Just downloaded the beta version and it appears to work. Thanks for the update

  17. Mr. & Mrs. Bill Norton says

    I’m using the Beta version and it works, but many things do not work. The up & down arrows do not work and when you click on a highlighted scripture it goes to a book in the library instead to the scripture in the chosen Bible translation. Hope an updated version that is fully functional will come out soon.

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