Designed to Encourage Expository Preaching & Teaching

The Bible is a book to be read, to be understood, to be obeyed, and to be shared with others. Beacon Bible Commentary is planned to help at the points of understanding and sharing.

Christian preachers and teachers since the first century have sought to convey the gospel message by reading and explaining selected passages of Scripture. The Beacon Bible Commentary seeks to encourage this kind of expository preaching and teaching. Covering the entire Bible in ten volumes, this set will help preachers, teachers, and laypersons discover the deeper meaning of God’s Word and unfold its message to all who hear them.

Written by 40 Bible scholars who have “serious purpose, deep dedication, and supreme devotion” to the Word, the Beacon Bible Commentary includes:

Illumination from Related Passages: The writers and editors have carefully chosen cross-references so that the Bible can be interpreted and illustrated by the Bible itself.

Introductions: Written to give an overview of the whole book and to provide you with a place of reference.

Maps and Charts: The knowledge of Bible geography will help you to be a better Bible preacher or teacher. The maps and charts in the commentary are there to give you a clearer understanding of the locations, distances, and relating timing of the experiences of the men with whom God was dealing.

Exegesis and Exposition: This commentary combines exegesis and exposition, seeking to explain the full meaning of the Bible passage in the light of the world in which we live.

Helps for Bible Preaching and Teaching: To encourage expository preaching and teaching, this set contains more than 1,000 brief expository outlines that have been used by outstanding Bible teachers and preachers.

The in-depth explanation, critical analysis, and outlines in the Beacon Bible Commentary will be a helpful addition to your Wordsearch library as you study God’s Word.

This new set is on sale until April 27. Learn more here.

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