Equip Your Church with Two New Series

The First Steps Series

The First Steps Series is a tool for church leaders to help those unfamiliar with the teachings of Jesus grow into new disciples. A great building block for a Sunday school class or sermon series, the First Steps Series will help you guide your ministry as you think through some of life’s big questions.

Each of the ten volumes covers a different topic, including Church, Service, Character, Relationships, Voices, and more. Every volume asks important questions about each topic and provides illustrations, key verses, memory verses, and summaries.

Taking your church through these books will equip them to grow in character, knowledge, and action.

A Little Book Series

Career scholars sum up their time-tested wisdom and pass it on to a new generation in A Little Book Series. They offer a starting point and an inspiring vision for anyone who has something to learn. The books will empower your imagination and kindle the virtues you need to prosper in your field.

Little Books consider questions such as:

  • What do the disciplines of science or philosophy or history or theology look like through the eyes of faith?
  • What are the possibilities in and beyond an undergraduate degree?
  • What makes a scholar or scientist tick?
  • When everyone is talking about STEM, and what does philosophy or history have to offer?

Sit down with accomplished scholars and learn of the challenges and thrills, the promise and dreams of pursuing an academic calling with A Little Book Series.

Both sets are on sale until April 30. Learn more here.

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