Encourage Your Church with Counseling Resources

As a minister, you are constantly helping others with their daily struggles and painful experiences. It can be hard to know the best way to handle each and every issue that will come up in your ministry.

Counseling Resources Can Help

With counseling resources in your Wordsearch library, you’ll find it easy to search topics and combine additional material from other resources in your digital library. The Cross-Reference Explorer in Wordsearch will also help you find interesting stories and practical applications you can use in creating lessons and sermons about any of these important topics.

31-Day Devotionals for Life Series: In the 11-volume 31-Day Devotionals for Life Series, biblical counselors and Bible teachers guide you through specific situations or struggles, applying God’s Word to your life in practical ways day after day. As a pastor, this series will provide you with the wisdom you need as you counsel others.

IVP Counseling Bundle: The IVP Counseling Bundle is a 35-volume collection full of powerful and effective resources you’ll find indispensable for locating tools to help you or those you love find freedom, healing, reconciliation, and deeper intimacy with God. Each book in this set offers biblical help on topics that will, at some point, affect us or those within our churches.

Each of these series offers solid, Christian advice that will help bring healing to your church. Until May 7, both of these sets are on sale. Learn more and find two free resources here.

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