Quick Tip for Wordsearch 11 & 12 – Lessonmaker

Lessonmaker is a tool included in Wordsearch 11 & 12 for creating small group lessons and Sunday school lessons rapidly. Simply type in what Bible passage or topic you want to make a lesson from, and select the lesson materials you have in your library. If you are really pressed for time, you can hit the panic button, and a lesson will be instantly created for you. These lessons can be printed for classroom handouts.

Here are some basics on how to use Lessonmaker.

Click on the Lessonmaker icon from the toolbar, and the window will open.

WORDsearch Bible LESSONmaker Bible SoftwareType in what Bible passage or topic you want to make a lesson from, and select the lesson you would like to use from the results.

WORDsearch Bible LESSONmaker Bible SoftwareThe lesson will open in the Lessonmaker window.

More on the Lessonmaker toolbar:

Lessonmaker Toolbar

Lessonmaker Toolbar

ws11lmopen Open

Opens the Lessonmaker window to open another lesson.

ws11lmlog Log

Shows you which lessons you have used and on what date.

ws11lmcopydoc Copy to Doc

Copies the lesson into a Word Processor document. You have to select the text you would like to copy for it to copy.

ws11lmcopy Copy

Copies the lesson onto your clipboard. You have to select the text you would like to copy for it to copy.

      ws11lmpanic Panic

Instantly creates a lesson for you. Select the books you would like to include and you’ll be provided with a lesson.

To learn more about Lessonmaker, watch this video:
[youtube https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=PDQ9-2Tul4w&w=560&h=315]


  1. I can’t get lesson maker to work properly. It enters ok but then none of the clicks work, there is no chapter change arrows. I have to always use the contents menu to move around. I am using a lesson maker book.


  2. I cannot get the interaction between Lesson maker and the word processor. I am using the internal word processor. The copy to document does not copy selected text, The panic button runs but does not place the answers anywhere. I tried an external Word as well but no go. I watched the tutorial but no help. (It doesn’t just display Lessonmaker but goes through everything.) It says I can double click a question but that does not work either.

    I have other problems as well. Everything in Lessons folder automatically goes to Lesson maker but I have a book in a subdirectory and it will not. Traversing from one page to another: if I click on a book to start lessonmaker then the open command does not know about this particular book. I have to select it inside the open and then select the chapters. It should know. I am not sure everything in the lessons folder is lessonmaker compatible.

  3. Jerry Bryant says

    Cannot get lesson maker to export to powerpoint. I get a dialogue box that says powerpoint cannot open the file. Called tech support and no help given. When are you going to fix this?


    • Hi Jerry! This is a known bug that is being worked on, but for now you can use copy and paste to move things into PowerPoint. (Not a perfect solution, I know!) Thanks so much for your patience!

  4. Will Zimmer says

    How do you create a new lesson, instead of using the pre-filled plans? Sorry, I’m having a time trying to figure it out…

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