Understanding the Bible Commentary Series

Understanding the Bible Commentary Series

The Understanding the Bible Commentary Series is a remarkable commentary written to be used by those who preach, teach, and study God’s Word for the purpose of ministry to others.

These volumes were written by some of the best evangelical Bible scholars today. Each of these theologians was challenged to write in a way that would be clearly understandable to anyone.

Each volume contains an introductory chapter detailing the background of the book, its author, and important themes. It also includes an overview, an outline, and other helpful information.

Then, each section of the book offers detailed commentary that sheds new light on even the most familiar passages from the Bible. Each commentary section concludes with “Additional Notes.” These additional notes bring you more details on customs, locations, and theological difficulties, plus words and phrases from the original languages that are worthy of deeper consideration. Any time the authors refer to a word or phrase in the Bible text, they bold that word or phrase. This makes it easy to scan the commentary when looking for more details on a particular passage.

Here’s an example from John 9:1-12. It’s the story of Jesus healing the blind man. The commentators quickly zero in on the phrase “blind from birth” because in Jewish tradition this suggests a punishment of sin committed by either the blind man or his parents. Jesus’ disciples ask him about this. Here’s just a short clip that demonstrates the depth of scholarship that is clearly expressed in a way that is understandable to all.

“The blindness of this man, Jesus says, is not the result of someone’s sin but the occasion for God’s work in his life to be displayed. Like the person mentioned in 3:21 who ‘comes into the light,’ the man born blind will demonstrate in his experience that he is God’s child. In coming (literally) from darkness to light, he is born again. His story is the case history of a Christian convert. At the beginning he is a beggar and an outcast in the old community of Judaism, and at the end he is a worshiper of Jesus (v. 38). Issues raised theologically in chapter three but not resolved with reference to Nicodemus are acted out in the story of the blind man.”

This text is brilliantly illuminated by the commentary. The authors of the Understanding the Bible Commentary Series provide scholarly wisdom simply stated.

If you were to purchase this set in print, the cost would be $689.00. The publisher, Baker, has graciously allowed us to offer this digital edition until June 1 at the unheard of price of just $99.95. Individual volumes are available for only $7.95 each. (Reg. $17 to $23 each.) Learn more here.

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