Concise, Bible-Based Answers on Difficult Topics

“Who introduced the chapter and verse divisions regularly found in our current Bibles? What is the proper definition of ‘inerrancy’? What is the relationship of John’s baptism to Christian baptism? What does the Bible say about spiritual warfare? What is human freedom according to Calvinism? What is at stake regarding the four gospels?”

The 40 Questions About…Series is designed to help you think through the common and difficult questions you encounter as a Christian, pastor, and church.

Practical and Relevant

Each of the 14 volumes in this set answers 40 questions surrounding a specific topic. Presented in an accessible format that is both practical and relevant, the concise, Bible-based answers provided will help you as you address these issues personally or with your congregation. The authors are trusted Bible scholars like Thomas Schreiner, Benjamin L. Merkle, and Robert L. Plummer.

In Wordsearch, these volumes are easily searchable alongside your other commentaries and theology books. The volumes are organized so that you can easily navigate to the question you are interested in. You could also use this series as a starting place to create a sermon series on a topic your church wants to know more about.

The 40 Questions About…Series will be a helpful addition to your Wordsearch library. Until June 22, this set is on sale. Learn more here.

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