Hermeneia Commentary & New Studies in Biblical Theology – New Volumes Added!

Two of our bestselling sets have had new volumes added and are currently marked over 75% off.

Hermeneia: A Critical and Historical Commentary on the Bible is written and designed to continue the practice of meticulously and thoroughly expositing Scripture. With two new volumes covering Philippians and Jubilees, this 53-volume commentary is massive in scope and will help you understand the history of the Bible and how it has been interpreted over time.

A commentary this large can be intimidating, but the reason Hermeneia has over 30,000 pages is because the editors didn’t want to put an arbitrary limit on their work. The commentators were able to explore each passage and how it was interpreted over time as fully as necessary. D.A. Carson believes that this series “remains invaluable for the serious exegete and expositor.” This set is available until July 27 for $299.95, 91% off. Learn more here.

New Studies in Biblical Theology is a set of 48 volumes that addresses key issues in the discipline of biblical theology, with three new volumes just added. Accessible and practical, the volumes were created to help you understand your Bible better. Edited by D. A. Carson, they aim to simultaneously instruct and to edify, to interact with current scholarship, and to point the way ahead.

The New Studies in Biblical Theology will help you think critically about each of the covered topics and provide content for sermons and lessons.

For example, the Preaching in the New Testament volume asks, “Is there such a thing as ‘preaching’ that is mandated in the post-apostolic context―and, if there is, how is it defined and characterized? Second, how does post-apostolic ‘preaching’ relate to the preaching of the Old Testament prophets and of Jesus and his apostles?”

Instead of focusing on the how-to of preaching, this volume looks at the importance of preaching in the church. In the intro, Carson puts it plainly, “Considering how much preaching is done week by week around the world, it is good to have a study that requires us to reflect on what we are doing.”

The three new volumes are: Including the Stranger, All Things New, and The Feasts of Repentance.

The New Studies in Biblical Theology will help deepen your understanding of Scripture while you are creating sermons or lessons or in your personal study. You’ll be edified by this solid biblical theology. This set is available until July 27 for $274.95, 76% off. Learn more here.

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