The Gospel and Our Culture Series

While the world around us is changing in major ways, the story of the gospel grounds us, capturing us into its still unfolding drama. God by His nature is a missionary God, and the authors of The Gospel and Our Culture Series say that this means “the church of this missionary God must therefore be a missionary church.”

Grounds You in Missions

Taking a deep dive into the mission of the gospel, the 12 volumes show you how to center everything you do in missions. Readable and informative, The Gospel and Our Culture Series is part commentary, part theology, part missiology, part history, and more. Every book will help you respond to the call to participate in God’s ongoing mission in today’s North America.

The twelve volumes in this series include:

  • Becoming the Gospel
  • Called to Witness
  • Church Planting in the Secular West
  • The Continuing Conversion of the Church
  • Missional Church
  • Missional Economics
  • Participating in God’s Mission
  • Reading the Bible Missionally
  • StormFront
  • The Story That Chooses Us
  • Sunday’s Sermon for Monday’s World
  • Treasure in Clay Jars

The job of telling the good news of God “is always a fresh challenge that requires the teller to have ears to hear and eyes to see.” The Gospel and Our Culture Series clearly and directly shares the gospel as told by the Scriptures and as it bears on the peculiar ways of life in today’s North America. This intro sale ends July 30. Learn more here.

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