Bible-centered and Inspiring

Keswick Ministries’s central vision is to see the people of God equipped, inspired, and refreshed to fulfill God’s calling of spreading the Gospel.

The new Keswick Foundation Series and Keswick Study Guides will direct and guide you through God’s Word to equip you for that calling, wherever you may be. These sets are highly accessible but will take you deeper into God’s Word and help you apply it to your own life as you share the message in your ministry.

The Keswick Study Guides

Each of the eight volumes in the Keswick Study Guides set is made up of 6-7 sessions, complete with a leader’s guide. Designed to be used by individuals and small groups, this series doesn’t want you to just learn about the issues discussed, but to see how they impact our lives and are foundational to our faith.

Each session includes an introduction and Bible reading followed by “Focus on the Theme,” “What Does the Bible Say?,” “Going Deeper,” “Living It Out,” “Prayer,” and further study. The content is practical and thoughtful, providing challenging biblical insights perfect for small group lessons or sermon series.

The Keswick Foundation Series

The Keswick FoundationSeries includes seven volumes written by a variety of Keswick speakers on a wide range of foundational issues. These key studies focus on the core foundations of Christian life to keep us growing as disciples.

Keswick Ministries holds a yearly convention, and these books dive deep into that year’s topic, themes that are essential for the church.

For example, one of the volumes, Preaching Matters, seeks to address the core foundations for preaching, built around the dramatic story recounted in Nehemiah’s memoirs. This is a book to ignite our passion for preaching, whether we preach every week or have no idea how to put a sermon together. It will encourage every listener to participate in the dynamic event of God’s Word speaking to his people through his Holy Spirit.

The Keswick Study Guides and Keswick Foundations Series will strengthen your confidence in ministry and help you experience the Word in a way that you are led to greater faith in Jesus.

These two sets are on sale until August 20. Learn more here.

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