Swindoll’s Great Lives from God’s Word Series

Our world is desperately in need of models worth following. Authentic heroes. People of integrity, whose lives inspire us to do better, to climb higher, to stand taller. Hearing about people who have gone before us teaches us lessons about life we might otherwise not know. 

Discover Great Lives from the Bible

In the Great Lives from God’s Word Series, Charles Swindoll examines some of these authentic heroes, revealing the strengths and weaknesses that make God’s men and women both great…and human.

Many of the most beloved biblical heroes were ordinary folks. Shepherds. Fishermen. Servants. Widows. Even harlots and petty thieves. One by one, they changed the course of history. Swindoll explains that these men and women did not become great in their own strength but were empowered by God when they surrendered their lives to God. To live such a life that God considers great is within the reach of everyone who submits to Him.

A Fascinating Series

This Great Lives from God’s Word Series bundle includes nine biographies, a devotional volume, and a Bible Companion (a volume of lessons.) The nine biographies cover David, Elijah, Esther, Jesus, Job, Joseph, Moses, Paul, and a volume titled Fascinating Stories of Forgotten Lives. The volumes bring these individuals to life as they live out their lives, make their mistakes, and accomplish incredible feats. You’ll be inspired by how relevant and realistic these lives were, and how closely they track the situations and struggles of our own times.

This fascinating series is filled with biblical and historical insights and will take you on a unforgettable journey through the complex lives of people from the Bible. Refreshingly honest and deep, these in-depth profiles reveal these people with great clarity and offer practical applications for your own life.

If you are a pastor, the Great Lives from God’s Word Series is a perfect series to gather inspiration for a sermon series or group study. This series is on sale until August 27. Learn more here.

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