New! McMaster Studies Series

The McMaster Studies Series includes two new sets that provide insight and perspective on important issues in the Christian faith. McMaster Divinity College has committed itself to the “transformational paradigm” of “knowing the Word of God, being transformed into Christ’s image, and doing the work of ministry.” They push beyond informational to transformational in their courses, and you’ll feel that ethos and mission as you study with these volumes published by the college. 

The McMaster Ministry Studies Series includes four volumes:

  • Pentecostal Preaching & Ministry in Multicultural & Post-Christian Canada
  • The Whole Gospel for the Whole World
  • Virtue as Consent to Being
  • When Storms Come

The first two volumes focus on the challenges of the increasingly post-Christian, multicultural, and secular world and considers and proposes ways the church can respond. Virtue as Consent to Being probes into the philosophical theology of Jonathan Edwards and provides a pastoral-theological perspective on his construct of virtue. This book will deepen and strengthen your understanding of pastoral ministry. When Storms Come shows how Job can be a great help to people experiencing suffering and stress. This book is helpful as a resource for those ministering to those going through the storms of life. 

McMaster Theological Studies Series looks at seven different theological issues:

  • Baptism
  • The Globalization of Christianity
  • Defining Issues in Pentecostalism
  • Pentecostalism and Globalization
  • Resurrection, Scripture, and Reformed Apologetics
  • Salvation in the Flesh
  • You Mean I Don’t Have to Tithe?

Seeking to bring unity to the church, these volumes provide in-depth explorations of their important topics. Each volume is informative, inspiring, challenging, and applicable. You’ll come away informed on different ways to look at each issue while discovering how to most effectively serve the Lord in whatever context you are in.

The McMaster Study Series is especially helpful for pastors as it is filled with practical information to discuss in small groups or for sermon prep. This series is on sale until September 3. Learn more here.

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