A Commentary Designed for Pastors

Teach the Text is the kind of commentary I have wanted for a long time. It deals with the kinds of questions that busy pastors have to ask and answer in order to preach the Scriptures every week. I commend it to those of you who are in that kind of ministry.“— Haddon Robinson, Harold John Ockenga Professor of Preaching, Gordon-Conwell Theological Seminary

After carefully researching the needs of pastors who teach the Bible on a weekly basis, the creators of the Teach the Text Commentary Series realized the need for a commentary that utilizes the best of biblical scholarship but also presents the material in a clear, concise, attractive, and user-friendly format.

Easy Access to the Information You Need to Preach or Teach

The Teach the Text Commentary Series meets that need by providing pastors and teachers with easy access to the information needed to preach or teach effectively. The biblical text is broken out into “preaching units” that include three different sections: Understanding the Text, Teaching the Text, and Illustrating the Text. In Wordsearch, you can easily navigate to each of these sections from the Table of Contents.

Teaching and Illustrating Sections Specifically for Pastors & Teachers
The teaching and illustrating sections are unique and especially helpful. Few commentaries today help the pastor/teacher move from the meaning of the text to its effective communication, and that’s what these sections do.

The teaching section points to the key theological themes of the passage and ways to communicate these themes to today’s audiences. The illustration section provides ideas and examples for retaining the interest of hearers and connecting the message to daily life.

In the commentary, each passage also begins with a concise summary of the central message of the passage and a list of its main themes that could be used as an outline for a sermon or lesson. This is followed by a more detailed interpretation of the text, including the literary context of the passage, historical background material, and interpretive insights.
Clear, Concise, and to the Point

The Teach the Text Commentary Series presents material that is clear, concise, and to the point. This 21-volume set covers 18 Old Testament books and 12 New Testament books. This set is on sale until September 8. Learn more here.

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