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One of my favorite Wordsearch resources (besides John G. Butler books!) is the Adrian Rogers Legacy Collection. This goldmine of sermons and illustrations from over the years of Dr. Adrian Rogers’ ministry is a must have for any pastor wishing to draw from one of the finest collections of sermons in digital format today.

However, the Adrian Rogers Legacy Collection is useful in other areas than just sermon preparation for pastors. As a seminary student, I frequently need to write seminary papers, exegetical papers, or engage in discussion groups where I am asked to explain or exegete a passage of Scripture.

While I certainly turn to all the “usual” academic resources when writing my school papers and discussions (such as academic-level dictionaries, exegetical commentaries, theological journals, etc.), I have found that also turning to the Adrian Rogers Legacy Collection gives me a wealth of exposition on a passage of Scripture, as well as some excellent quotes or illustrations to include in my papers and discussions to give them the extra “touch.” I treat the Adrian Rogers Legacy Collection as a giant “commentary” on the Bible that I search against passages of Scripture to see what Dr. Rogers’ insights contain on that passage. Here is how I do it:

1. Create a collection called “Adrian Rogers Books.”

I go to Tools>Manage Collections.

In the Collections window that appears, I click New.


In the Filter box, I type the word “rogers.” I put a check next to the Adrian Rogers Legacy Collection, as well  since I also own Dr. Rogers’ other books from Wordsearch (Unveiling the End Times in Our Time, What Every Christian Ought to Know, The Incredible Power of Kingdom Authority, and What Every Christian Ought to Know Day by Day), I’ve also included them in my search collection, since some of them also provide additional insights on Bible passages in addition to searching the Adrian Rogers Legacy Collection.

I then click Save As, and I name the collection “Adrian Rogers Books.”

2. Use the Cross-Reference Explorer to search the “Adrian Rogers Books” collection.

Now that I have completed my collection, I open the Cross-Reference Explorer from the main toolbar. Anytime I wish to restrict my search just to my Adrian Rogers books and Adrian Rogers Legacy Collection, I select “Adrian Rogers Books” from the “Using” drop-down menu.


Now anytime I am asked to write a paper or discussion on a passage, I can simply point the Cross-Reference Explorer to my “Adrian Rogers Books” collection and see what Dr. Rogers has to say about the passage I am studying. I usually find a wealth of information I can mine for wisdom from Dr. Rogers on my passage, and I usually save snippets of text to Wordsearch’s built-in word processor so I can later include some of them in my paper or discussion.

Bonus Tip: Search the Adrian Rogers Legacy Collection for a topic.

Sometimes instead of writing a paper on a passage, I have to choose a topic on which to write my paper or discussion. I can still search the Adrian Rogers Legacy Collection for a topic, just in a different way than expected. While the Adrian Rogers Legacy Collection is not topically-indexed like a dictionary and therefore, not searchable using the Topic Explorer, when I wish to search the Adrian Rogers Legacy Collection for a topic, I simply open its Table of Contents, and in the filter box, start typing in my topic. This searches through all of the outlines and headings in the Adrian Rogers Legacy Collection for my topic, which is going to give me more relevant information on my topic than merely running a simple word search for my topic against the Adrian Rogers Legacy Collection.

The Adrian Rogers Legacy Collection is useful not just as the perfect sermon preparation tool for pastors, but any Christian, professor, student, and Bible study teacher can benefit from the years of Dr. Rogers’ wisdom as well by owning this collection. It makes the perfect “large commentary” for searching years of insights on passages of Scripture, as well as it also makes jump starting topical research simpler as well. It is a collection that has continually blessed me over and over again since owning it, and it is one I would highly recommend every Christian add to their Wordsearch library. It is absolutely well worth owning and one I am thankful to the Lord to have in my library.

Nathan Parker is a seminary student at Luther Rice University pursuing a M Div in Biblical Languages and is planning on pursuing a Ph D in Systematic Theology afterwards in order to teach in seminary. Nathan is from Hot Springs, Arkansas, and is also the President/CEO of Mallard Computer, Inc., and an administrator for the WeatherBug Backyard Community.

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