Weekly Free Book – KJV Master Study Bible Notes

Every Friday we offer a free book until the following Monday with no strings attached.

This is just our way of saying thank you for being a part of the Wordsearch family!

Today’s free book, usually $29.95, is the KJV Master Study Bible Notes.

Some study Bibles are born simply to be popular. The Master Study Bible was created nearly twenty years ago…simply to be powerful. And now, this standard in authentic Bible study appears again with solid additions to its original cast, redesigned for a new generation and ready to take Bible students deeper than ever.

Many students will value the fact that the Master Study Bible keeps the text of Scripture separate from the many study tools. This enables the reader to give clear focus on the Bible text and then go from there to the great variety of tools available within one cover.

The Master Study Bible reference system links you to thousands of related passages in the King James text, as well as alternate readings for obscure and difficult-to-translate words. They create a systematic approach to Bible study, allowing the Bible itself to serve as it own best commentary.

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  1. Milton Jones says

    Week after week after week it is the same thing. I have been too good of a customer evidently. I do not get a free book. It is always a book that is in my library.

  2. Thanks for the free books every week. Your final selection is very generours.

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