Everything You Need to Know about Feature Upgrades, Logos Dynamic Pricing, and More

Welcome to the Logos family! We understand how much you rely on your Bible study software, and we want to help make your transition to Logos fast and easy so you can keep doing everything you used to do in Wordsearch (and so much more in Logos!).

Here you’ll find answers to many of your questions about what’s available to you as you transition from Wordsearch to Logos.

Feature Upgrades 

Happy with your current Wordsearch library but wish you had more features for, say, studying Greek and Hebrew? Or preaching and ministry? Upgrading your features is a great way to get more out of Logos without adding books to your library. You can choose from Feature upgrades with a selection of Logos features or everything we’ve ever made, like:

Bible Sense Lexicon: The Bible Sense Lexicon allows you to connect ideas throughout the entire Bible. Like Louw-Nida, this lexicon is organized by meaning rather than alphabetically to easily trace Greek and Hebrew synonyms and explore the underlying concepts.

Clause Search: With the Clause Search feature, you can find anywhere a person, place, or thing appears in a clause—fast! Search for terms acting in specific grammatical or original language roles, or search parts of speech terms, like a noun or verb. As you type, Logos will even populate a list of suggestions to help you refine your search.

Canvas: Circle. Highlight. Underline. Make connections. With Canvas, you can even rearrange a passage to show logic and emphasis. Then, share your creation in just a few clicks.

And those are just a few of the highlights. (We haven’t even mentioned other user favorites, like the Psalms Explorer, the Figurative Language Dataset, and Syntax Search.) 

Intrigued? Check out all the Feature Upgrades. Not sure which set is best for you? Call 888-875-9491 to talk to a Logos resource expert.

Dynamic pricing

What if you’ve already spent years building up your library in Wordsearch with individual volumes from a collection but want to purchase the rest of the bundle through Logos? Good news—you don’t have to re-buy the whole thing.

With Dynamic Pricing, when you purchase a larger collection, you only pay for what’s new to you—not for the resources you own. Say you already own 10 volumes of the 43-volume New American Commentary Series (NAC). With Dynamic Pricing, when you purchase the entire collection in Logos, the value of those 10 volumes transfers, and you only pay for the remaining 33 at the discounted collection rate! The new books are added on top of what you already have.

Plus, if you’re a first-time base package purchaser, you can get a 50% discount off a base package or feature set. When you combine that with dynamic pricing, you’ll get over 50% off the regular price.

Learn more about how you can continue to grow your library while saving big with Dynamic Pricing.

Logos Mobile Education (‘Mobile Ed’)

With Logos Mobile Education, you can study alongside top scholars with more than 270 interactive video courses on everything from Bible and theology to counseling and missions. 

Because Mobile Ed courses are fully integrated with Logos Bible Software, you can go even deeper in your study by taking the course inside Logos Bible Software. Plus, Mobile Ed courses cater to your learning strengths and preferences: you can listen with audio courses, read along with the transcript, watch teachings on-screen, and then practice with quizzes to help you assess what you’ve learned. 

Here’s some favorites:

Watch a sample lesson from Learn to Study the Bible on historical context:

And fun tip! Each month, you can save on select Mobile Ed courses in our Logos Monthly Sale.

Explore Logos Mobile Ed courses.

Pre-Publication program

Our Pre-Publication program (also known as Pre-Pub) is one of our most-loved programs—and one of the ways new products get into Logos. Pre-Pub uses a crowdfunding model to give you a say about which resources should be brought into the Logos format. Just place a Pre-Pub order for any of the products listed, and you’ll be pledging money toward a future purchase of those products. 

When enough people show interest in a product, the product will be sent off to production. You can follow the status bars that change from orange to yellow to green when the product ships. (It’s fun to be a part of . . . but anyone who chooses to wait and buy it when it’s live pays full price!).

If you change your mind, you can cancel at any time up to 30 days after the resource ships (yep, that makes it risk-free).

Learn more about how Pre-Pub works.

Logos upgrades

Whether you were newer to Wordsearch and hadn’t yet started filling your bookshelf or you had already started building your library, purchasing resources one by one can cost a fortune. But with a Logos upgrade, you can get a digital bookshelf full of trusted commentaries and biblical reference works—and enjoy incredible bundled savings. Those books don’t replace your current library, they add to it.

Logos offers numerous base packages to meet the needs of every person, from pastor to Bible study leader to seminary student. And we’ve tailored packages to various traditions, from Anglican to Lutheran to Methodist and Wesleyan, and everything in between. Logos Starter alone boasts over 315 digital resources, including CSB Study Bible Notes, New Bible Commentary, Ryrie’s Basic Theology, and more. (Plus, it automatically comes with the Logos 8 Starter Feature Upgrade, which includes Workflows, the Notes Tool, Author Guides, and several other Logos 8 features.)

Enjoy getting acclimated to your new Logos software (there’s plenty new to learn), but when you’re ready to expand your selection of books and resources, consider upgrading your Logos package.

Not sure what you want or need? Compare books and features in each to see what’s best for you.

More ways to save . . .

Now that you’re a Logos customer, do you wish you had a way to save on books for your new Bible software? 

Wish granted—three times over! These monthly programs are a great way to stock your library without draining your piggy bank: 

    • Free Book of the Month: Download a different free book each month by authors like D. A. Carson, N. T Wright, and many more.
    • Publisher Spotlight: Save on featured resources from favorite publishers. 
    • Monthly Sale: Discover great titles at an even better price—the Logos Monthly Sale features dozens of resources at big savings.

Oh, and be sure to download this month’s free book: The Expositor’s Bible Commentary, Volume 8: Matthew, Mark, Luke (EBC). 😲

Have other questions not answered here? 

  • Head to the Logos Help Center for videos, tutorials, and more. 
  • Browse the Logos Help File, available inside Logos, which provides technical documentation on Logos features and tools.
  • Connect with other Logos users in community Logos forums, which provide a space for Logos users to connect, ask questions, and learn from expert Logos users. To participate in the forums, log in with your new Logos account credentials.
  • Check out the Wordsearch FAQs page.
  • Visit the Wordsearch Training page for help getting started with your Logos features.

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