How to Access Your New Logos Account

How to access your Logos account

As a Wordsearch user, you can now access your content using Logos Bible Software. We’ve already created an account for you—all you have to do is set your password to get started. Your new Faithlife account can be used to log in to all of our websites, including Follow these two simple steps below:

Step 1: Set your password

Go here to set up your password. 

Once you’ve set up your password, you can get started using Logos Bible Software by downloading one of our apps or accessing Logos online via our web app. 

Step 2: Download and install Logos

Next, download Logos. Note: Installation and library indexing will take some time. 

Already have a Faithlife account using a different email address? We can help you merge accounts. Just give us a call at (888) 563-0382 or email us at


  1. My logos and Wordsearch are the same email do I have to do anything or change passwords?

    • Hi Aby! Thanks for your comment, and welcome to the Faithlife family!

      If you go the FAQ page here and scroll to My Account, you’ll find an answer to your question. But I’d encourage you to read the FAQ page in its entirety as it will probably answer many of your other questions!

      Check out the Wordsearch blog too, where you’ll find five posts that talk about upcoming training:

      We’re excited to have you with us! Let us know if you have additional questions.

      Karen from Faithlife

  2. Dear Logos:

    WordSearch by Lifeway is transferring their library and rights to Logos.

    I am requesting that Logos transfers the “digital KJV Bible” from WordSearch that is different from the Logos KJV Bible.

    The WordSearch KJV Bible comes with paragraph headings that make the KJV Bible easier to read.

    According to the transfer list ( ), Logos states that they already transferred the KJV Bible from WordSearch but it is not “available” as stated.

    I think what happened is that someone saw that the Logos library already included the KJV Bible and crossed it off. But the WordSearch KJV Bible is much better than the Logos KJV Bible. Please look into this issue before it’s too late.

    Please transfer the “digital KJV” Bible from WordSearch into the Logos library.

    Publisher of this WordSearch Digital KJV Bible is: Wordsearch

    Library Number from WordSearch Library: 005619461

    Here is the direct link:

    This is an urgent and important request. Please prayerfully consider this request.

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