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Did you know that in Logos, you can “see” all 325 occurrences of “covenant” in the Bible in graph form? Or with the Notes Tool, you can copy an external link and paste it into a note anchored to Bible passage, so later—when you are studying or researching—you can click the note and Logos will take you straight to that location? Or that with the Biblical Person Workflow, you can trace a biblical person—like Jacob—to see where his story is referred to in the rest of the Bible?

Yep, you can (and it’s easy). You’ll learn these and other helpful Logos Bible study tips when you sign up for our weekly Logos Tech tips. 

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  1. Iain Trainor says

    Not happy Jan! I have used Wordsearch for 12 years or more, found it great now I am lost and really do not want to learn a new system. Moving to Win 10 was bad enough. Dissapointed!

  2. I’m with you Iain. First learning QuickVerse, then Wordsearch and now Logos. Logos is a steep learning curve for me too. What frustrates me is when I spend the time to learn a feature only to find out that I’m not eligible for that feature…… Logos’s solution, buy all the features. Not impressed.

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