Need Help with Logos? The Logos Help Center Has Answers.

Hi, Wordsearch customers! We’re thrilled you’re now part of the Faithlife family—but we know you might be thinking:

How will I learn what I need to know to keep doing Bible study—and learn it fast?

Head to the Logos Help Center (your new best friend). Here you’ll find answers to many of your questions—like how to download and install Logos, resolve technical issues, and connect with other Logos users (there’s a whole community out there ready to help you learn Logos and probably some tips and tricks!).

Plus, you’ll find tutorials, videos, and other resources to help you get the most out of Logos, like:

Get Oriented in Logos walkthrough: This series will introduce you to Logos and show you how to navigate the major features of the software. For more detailed instructions about using a specific feature, click the Learn more link at the end of each section.

Logos Bible Study Series videos: This 9-video series (around 45 minutes) demonstrates how to perform basic Bible study using Logos (using the Logos 8 Starter Base Package). Your Logos package may not include all of the resources or features, but the videos will show you many of the cool things you can do with Logos.

Logos Mobile App Videos: These videos will help you understand the basics of using the Logos Mobile app.

And that’s just a smidge of what you’ll find in the Logos Help Center—it’s a treasure trove of help and training to get you oriented to Logos fast.


So hop over to the Logos Support Center now to explore “all the things” Logos can do. We know you’ll be excited.

And for further training, sign up for the FREE Morris Proctor training webinars, where you’ll learn trips and tricks for using Logos effectively.


  1. I just upgraded from Word Search 12.0 to the New Logos ver 8.0. Have a big problem. Most of my Books, especiallly the Commentaries have not migrated over to Logos. I have well over 600 Commentaries alone. In Logos 8.0 I only have 189 Commentaries. My New American Commentary is just one of many which did not get moved over.

    Can I send my Backup File(s) to Lifeway wo they can see what I have in Word Search 12.0 so this can be corrected? I started out with QuickVerse when it was on floppy disk. Was happy to upgrade to Word Search, but so far I am not happy with the migration of my files from Word Search to Logos.

    Someone please help, or I will have to leave a negative comment or two on the Internet to voice my negative feelings. Won’t do that if Lifeway can make it right.

    Pleas Help!! – Mark Johns

    • Hi Mark! First, welcome to the Faithlife family. We’re excited for you to learn all the things you can do in Logos that you did in Wordsearch, and more!

      Second, check out the FAQ page specific for WS customers, which may answer many of your questions (including your question above).

      Regarding your question, if existing Logos titles that you already own in Wordsearch are not showing up, licenses may still be processing to your account. Please be patient! This process should be complete within the next few business days. Most of your Wordsearch library should already be available to you in Logos. We will actively migrate remaining Wordsearch titles to Logos through 2020. While we hope to migrate 100% of each user’s library, we may find limited instances where we’re unable to transfer a title. Here’s a list of all Wordsearch titles coming to Logos:

      Also, we want to make sure you know about training options. Here’s the training page for Wordsearch users:

      And don’t miss the free upcoming training webinars with certified Logos trainer Morris Proctor. (They’ll be on-demand, too, if these dates don’t work for you.)

      If you have a question about your Wordsearch account or about a recent Wordsearch purchase:
      Contact Wordsearch support Mon.–Fri. 8:00 a.m.–6:00 p.m. (CST):
      Call: 1-800-888-9898

      I hope that helps answer some of your questions!

      Karen from Faithlife

  2. My problem is every time I try to open Logos it takes download on my computer. Takes about 5 minutes to load

    • Hi James!

      If you’re still having trouble, I recommend giving our customer service team a call at 800-875-6467 or +1 360-527-1700 or email at



  3. I just sent a reply its taking longer its been about 10 minutes and still loading. I am not going to be happy with this move not one bit!!!!!!

  4. Harold Curtis says

    Will the live, WS training sessions be recorded and posted for future viewing for those of us who can’t make the live-time offering?

  5. Danny Jenkins says

    My problem is I have hundreds of hours using WordSearch and hundreds of notes that now are not found in Logos. How can I connect my notes in Logos?

    • Hi Danny,

      Thanks for your note, and welcome to Faithlife! We want to make your transition to Logos as smooth as possible.

      We know how important the work you’ve invested has been. Safely transferring all of your notes, highlights, documents, and other material into Logos is one of our top priorities. Doing this with care will take time, and so we anticipate completing this work by early 2021.

      Have you seen the FAQ page for Wordsearch users? It will hopefully answer many other questions you may have!

      Also, here is our Logos Training for Wordsearch Users page:
      And here is the link to register for Free Morris Proctor (our Logos certified trainer) webinars (they’ll be recorded if you can’t make these days/times):

  6. Greetings:
    I left Logos several years ago for WS simply because WS was much easier to use as well as much faster. While the layout and options in Logos were impressive, they were at the same time very cumbersome and slow to use. When I quit Logos, I lost a nice sized library. That hurt!
    Now I am back with Logos and I didn’t have any say in the transaction. Bummer.
    I own in excess of 5000 books in WS. I haven’t taken the time yet to try to make the transfer. I am fearful that I will not be any happier with Logos now then I was back several years ago. I know. I need to go to the FAQ page and I need to watch the tutorial. I get it.
    On a different note, I am an Apple guy. I haven’t updated my operating system with WS due to their issues with the latest MAC upgrades. I still have Mojave 10.14.6. Is Logos Catalina compatible?
    Thanks. Good luck in trying to work everything out. I pray that the Lord blesses you and grants you wisdom.

  7. Off to a very poor start! I have purposed to have a good attitude going into this whole process. I enrolled in all three of the Morris Proctor introduction to Logos Seminiars and here I sit with my notebook and pens ready to go for the first one. There is only one problem… the web page tells me to check my email for login information, but I have not received any emails or confirmations about any of the the three. It is 10 minutes until start. I have checked all my email boxes and gone back to the sign up webpage. It simply tells me that I am registered and to check my email.

  8. Rory Griffin says

    Did the 3 MP seminars for us. Thnx. I see why I wanted logos before, but was cost prohibitive. You have put together a great package. As a analyst and programmer I love watching the dynamic interactions. Powerful but good UI to not overwhelm us.
    Lots of WORDSearch equivalents are there, as I would expect. Very glad to see you working on highlights, notes and such. Hate to loss all those entries.
    But . . . yep. Only 2. In the WS parallel bible panel, clicking on 1 verse or more verses in 1 translation would tag those verses in all translations in that panel. That’s 1. And with that comes a valued and for me constantly used feature. RightClick or CTRL-C would bring up a copy menu. It would list all versions in the panel. And we could copy any or all the versions. Great in teaching material when various translations vary enough to make sure readers can easily find a verse translaiton that works for them or add expanse views of the verse.
    Please Please Please add this feature as part of the changes you are making to bring us into your family. Thnx. Rory

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