9 Reasons You Might Not See Your Books Yet—and What to Do About It

We’re excited to welcome Wordsearch users into the Faithlife family! By now you should have received Logos editions of many of your titles in your Wordsearch library, as well as a comparable version of Logos (at no charge). We know you want to protect the investment you’ve made in Bible software—and we do too! That’s why we’ve given you Logos. 

But when you crack open Logos for the first time, you may discover that a few titles are missing. In this post, we’ll explain why you might not immediately find all your books.

1. You used a different email address for Wordsearch and Logos

If you already had a Faithlife/Logos account that matched the email address you used for your Wordsearch account, we automatically migrated your Wordsearch licenses to your Logos account. However, if you used a different email address for your Logos account, we created a new Logos account for you.

Action: To request a merge of your two Logos accounts, please email cs@logos.com, specify which account to make primary, and make sure the account details (name, address, etc.) match between the two accounts.

2. Our initial license data was incomplete 

We discovered that the Wordsearch license data we’ve processed so far is incomplete. We’re currently processing what we believe to be complete license data and hope to be finished by the end of the week.

Action: Check your library migration status page on September 26, 2020 (or anytime after) and post in the Wordsearch forum if your licenses are still not showing up.

3. Some resources aren’t yet available in Logos

One reason you may be missing books is that they don’t exist yet in Logos. Your library migration status page should show your complete set of licenses, but only the ones marked as Available will show up in your library as books. As we finish and ship more books, the status will be updated on your migration page and the resources will automatically appear in your library.

Action: Check your library migration status page regularly to track our progress in moving your Wordsearch books to Logos.

4. Some Wordsearch resources weren’t properly aligned to the correct Logos resources

Due to differences in names, ISBNs, publication metadata, or content, some resources may not be properly aligned to the correct Logos resource.

Action: If you believe we’ve missed an alignment or have incorrectly aligned one resource to another, please report it in the Wordsearch forum, and we’ll review and correct it as appropriate.

5. We haven’t yet aligned resources that don’t have a 1:1 match

Some Wordsearch resources were configured in different groupings than their Logos counterparts. Typically, Wordsearch built individual volumes as separate resources, while Logos may have a single resource that combines multiple volumes.

In some of these cases, we’re not able to align the titles because unlocking the content in Logos may distribute more content than was in the Wordsearch resource (which we’d need permission from the rights holder to do).

We’re working through these many:1 scenarios and hope to have a solution in place in the coming weeks.

Action: As we resolve these scenarios, the books will automatically show up in your library. For more details and to track progress, see this forum thread.

6. Your licenses were never backed up to Wordsearch’s servers

It’s possible that licenses you purchased from a third-party seller and activated through a serial number or another unlocking mechanism may not have ever been uploaded to the Wordsearch servers, and therefore, aren’t in the set of licenses we acquired from Lifeway.

Action: If you’re missing resources you believe should be showing up in your library, please make sure they’re installed in Wordsearch, and then choose Options > Backup > “Save to cloud” to ensure all your licenses are available to us. The next time we import an updated licenses database, your new licenses should be available to you in Logos.

7. You received licenses through Liberty University

If you received licenses as a student, faculty member, or staff member through Liberty, you won’t yet see those licenses in Logos as they were stored in a different licenses system. We plan to import those licenses in the next year and don’t have an exact time frame for completion at this point.

Action: There’s no action needed on your part. We’ll notify you when we’ve completed this migration process.

8. You purchased licenses from the Lifeway ebook store

Books purchased directly from the Lifeway store will not show up in your Logos library. They were not part of the set of licenses we acquired with the Wordsearch business. 

Action: You’ll continue to access those licenses in the Lifeway web app or mobile apps.

9. We may not be able to migrate some licenses due to rights restrictions

It’s possible that a very small number of resources may not be able to be migrated due to rights restrictions. In such cases, we plan to work with the rights holders and secure permission to migrate your licenses for you at no charge. But this may take months and could be impossible in rare cases.

Action: There’s no action needed at this time. When we secure the rights to migrate additional licenses, they’ll automatically show up in your Logos library.


Have other questions not answered here? Head to the Wordsearch FAQ page or the Logos forums.


  1. Robert Payne says

    The link mentioned where the migration status of your resources is given, there are three catagories…available…in progress…not started yet. “Available” is obvious, but can someone explain a bit more about the last two catagories? In progress sounds hopeful. Does that mean that it will soon be migrated over? As far as “not started yet,” what is not started? Does this indicate that the work may not be migrated?

    • Hi Robert!

      Available means that the resource has been unlocked to your account and should download to Logos 8. It does not mean that a product page exists on logos.com for Logos users to buy this book yet. It does not mean that this is the final version of the resource; we’re upgrading the edition of many of these resources from Ebook to Logos Reader or Logos Research: https://community.logos.com/forums/t/193938.aspx

      In Progress means that a Logos Resource ID has been identified or created and aligned with the Wordsearch title, but no file is available yet. It may still be on Community Pricing or Pre-Pub (but you will get it for free when it’s available).

      Not Started means that that alignment hasn’t happened yet, but we have a record of your ownership.

      It’s described in this forum thread. Head there for more conversation and help on this topic. The general Wordsearch forum will answer many other questions, too!


      I hope this helps!

      Best, Karen

  2. Good evening.
    I installed Logos tonight so that I could purchase a reliable digital text for – AA Hodge’s Outlines. Comparing the download with my hard-copy, I have found that the text is incomplete – e.g. part of Dr Hodge’s treatment of the doctrine of the Trinity is missing and even the numbering of the paragraphs is different. Have I downloaded the first edition which was later enlarged? Or has the later enlarged edition been edited?
    I look forwaerd to hearing from you?
    With kind regards
    R Macleod

    • Hi there,

      I suggest reaching out to customer service at 800-875-6467 +1 360-527-1700 or cs@logos.com. They will be able to give you an answer to your question. And make sure to read that post 9 Reasons You Might Not See Your Books Yet—and What to Do About It which addresses why you might be seeing discrepancies in your books. Not everything has migrated over to Logos yet. It’s a massive job, and it will take a bit of time!

      All the best, Karen

  3. I really think a lot of this could have been worked out before the merge. People paid for certain resources for a reason. Lifeway owes everyone a serious apology over this fiasco if not refunds. I’m glad I purchased most of what I needed through Logos. Lifeway is a disgrace.

  4. jim Christian says

    It seems that you have had your hands full with us Word Search people. So far everything seems to be working but I am missing the New Testament Be Series by Wiersbe. I have the Old Testament. Other than that I haven’t seen anything else. The New Testament Be series does not show up on my migration page either. All the Old Testament ones are migrated. So far I think I am going to enjoy Logos after the learning curve is flattened out. Sorry for John’s comment above. Not sure I am familiar of the difference between Lifeway and Logos??

    • Karen Engle says

      Hi Jim, Just checking in here to see how the transition of your books is going. Has everything transferred over?
      Karen from Faithlife

  5. I hope the Thompson Chain Reference is soon available on Logos. That was the whole reason I bought WORDSEARCH. I will be happy to have it migrated with my Logos, but I will be greatly disappointed if I lose that resource.

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