Swindoll’s Great Lives from God’s Word Series

Our world is desperately in need of models worth following. Authentic heroes. People of integrity, whose lives inspire us to do better, to climb higher, to stand taller. Hearing about people who have gone before us teaches us lessons about life we might otherwise not know. 

Discover Great Lives from the Bible

In the Great Lives from God’s Word Series, Charles Swindoll examines some of these authentic heroes, revealing the strengths and weaknesses that make God’s men and women both great…and human.

Many of the most beloved biblical heroes were ordinary folks. Shepherds. Fishermen. Servants. Widows. Even harlots and petty thieves. One by one, they changed the course of history. Swindoll explains that these men and women did not become great in their own strength but were empowered by God when they surrendered their lives to God. To live such a life that God considers great is within the reach of everyone who submits to Him.

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Libraries Specifically Designed for Your Ministry

One of the best parts about using the Wordsearch 12 program is adding books to your library. In total, Wordsearch has over 5,000 books available to aid you in studying God’s Word.

The Preaching, Teaching, Silver, Gold, and Premier Libraries

To help you get the most out of Wordsearch, we have curated five library packages. These libraries were designed to help you with certain aspects of your ministry and include resources that were chosen specifically for teaching or preaching. Take an additional 25% off the sale price for the next two weeks only.

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Bible-centered and Inspiring

Keswick Ministries’s central vision is to see the people of God equipped, inspired, and refreshed to fulfill God’s calling of spreading the Gospel.

The new Keswick Foundation Series and Keswick Study Guides will direct and guide you through God’s Word to equip you for that calling, wherever you may be. These sets are highly accessible but will take you deeper into God’s Word and help you apply it to your own life as you share the message in your ministry.

The Keswick Study Guides

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John Butler – A Master of Alliteration

John Butler is a gifted pastor, author, and Bible scholar who has been in ministry for 50 years. Over the years, he created different sets that are ideal for preaching, teaching, and personal study.

In his works, Butler distills and dispenses practical wisdom that exposes truth from Scripture in a new light. He has a gift for alliteration. His alliteration reads like poetry, which makes his messages easy to remember and apply. His commentary is also extremely well researched, and he explains in words that can be understood and easily taught.

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Strengthen Your Library with Solid Theology Works

Imagine every time you are creating a sermon or lesson in Wordsearch that you are able to instantly consult volumes that you know are based on sound doctrine. Every time you’re studying a Bible text or topic, you know that you’ll have these volumes to give you solid theological backing.

This Theology Sale includes 10 theology resources to help you find plenty of solid material to use in your sermons and lessons.

The Theology Sale Includes:

  • The Theology Bundle
  • Short Studies in Biblical Theology
  • R.C. Sproul Knowledge Bundle
  • Holman Quicksource Bundle
  • The Portable Seminary
  • Biblical-Theological Introduction to the Old and New Testament
  • Foundations of Evangelical Theology Series
  • Cascade Companions
  • The Crucifixion
  • Knowledge and Christian Belief

A Spotlight on The Theology Bundle – On Sale for $39.95 – Less than a Dollar a Volume

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One of the Most Highly-Regarded Commentary Sets Ever Published

The New International Commentary (NIC) combines readability with expert scholarship and is highly regarded by theologians, preachers, and Bible students. The volumes in this commentary bridge the gap between today’s world and that of Bible times.

Each commentary opens with an introduction to the biblical book and examines its background, authorship, date, purpose, structure, and theology. The authors, who are world-renowned biblical authorities, provide their own translation from the original language to form the basis of the commentary proper. Verse-by-verse comments nicely balance in-depth discussions of technical matters. What follows is a scholarly explanation of the text and its implications for today’s application.

Easy to Read, Yet Technically and Critically Detailed

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