Explore What the Bible Says About Work

If we are not following Jesus the 100,000 hours of our lives we spend at work, are we really following Christ?

The Bible and Your Work Bible Study Series is a set of 24 volumes exploring what the Bible says about work. Each volume consists of chapters broken down into multiple lessons that include Scripture references, thought-provoking questions, and prayers. Each lesson includes “Food for Thought” sections that will make you stop and apply what you are learning to your life. These sections are also a great place to start when writing a sermon series on the Bible and work.

Practical, Relevant Guidance to Find Meaning & Value in Work

The Theology of Work Project created this study series. Their mission has been to study what the Bible says about work and develop resources to apply the Christian faith to your work. From what they have found, every book of the Bible gives practical, relevant guidance to help find meaning and value in our work.

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5 Reasons We Love the LifeGuide Bible Study Series

Wordsearch has just released 12 additional volumes to one of our most popular sets, the LifeGuide Bible Study Series. We’ve added ten new topical volumes and two Bible book studies to this set. LifeGuides are one of the most popular Bible studies, with over 5 million sold in print. All volumes are on sale now!

Here are some things we love about LifeGuides:

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Read More – Does God Care About Justice?


Throughout its history, the ability of the church to practice justice has determined whether the values of God advance or decline. When Christians are practicing justice, they show that God is loving and powerful to work against some of the strongest forces of hate in the world. When the church is weak, complacent or engaging in injustice, God is made to look more like a personal crutch for the weak and the immoral. And who can blame the world for this perception? The church is suspect when some preachers tell us to expect new living room furniture from God but say nothing about God caring or doing anything about little children starving or being shot to death in various parts of the world. If the church is to regain a powerful hearing, then it must hear the cry of justice from the Scriptures.

Have you ever thought about how the Bible was written by people who were experiencing oppression? It might seem obvious, but is also something we can easily miss. The good news is that the Bible is also the story of the physical and spiritual salvation from that oppression.

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Weekly Free Book! Principle Preaching

The power of principle preaching is simple. Principles are universally applicable. Thus, receptivity is accordingly universal. If it is true in physics that everything that goes up must come down, it is also true in principle preaching, where virtually every principle will be heard, received, remembered, practiced, and even perpetuated by those who hear the Word. Whether one is saved or lost, a communist or Catholic, a Buddhist or Baptist, an astronaut, truck driver, banker, or custodian, the principles will stick.

Today’s free book, usually $14.50, is Principle Preaching: How to Create and Deliver Sermons For Life Applications by John Bisagno.

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Free Friday! Behold the Throne of Grace

Free Book Friday for Bible Software

Happy Friday everyone! Today’s free download, usually $9.95, is Behold the Throne of Grace by Charles Haddon Spurgeon.

This collection features 70 Prayers and Hymns selected by Charles T. Cook from the writings of Charles Haddon Spurgeon. This book is broken down into the following sections: Invocations, Complete Prayers, Adoration, Thanksgiving, Confession, Supplication, and Intercession.

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Serve Others with the Solid Theology

If you preach, teach, or serve others in ministry, you know how important theology can be. As Christian leaders, it’s important to know what’s in our Bibles, and it’s critical that we stand firm on the solid theology that it contains.

The New American Commentary Studies in Bible & Theology

This 11-volume bundle comes from the publishers of the best-selling New American Commentary. In fact, this series is the ideal supplement for those who use and love the NAC. Each volume takes you deep into a crucial topic of theology. Top evangelical Bible scholars immerse you in each of these topics, guiding you through the Bible. They use the Bible’s own text to weave theological understanding that you can teach others with the confidence of God’s Word.

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