The Best Works by the Greatest Bible Teachers & Theologians

The Crossway Classic Commentaries take the best works by the greatest Bible teachers and theologians in the last 500 years and carefully adapts them for maximum understanding and usefulness for today’s believers.

Learn from the Best

First, the editors found the best work by the best spiritual leader for each Bible book. For example, Charles Spurgeon covers Psalms, Charles Hodge covers Romans, and John Calvin covers Genesis. Some of the other authors include J.C. Ryle, Martin Luther, J.B. Lightfoot, John Owens, Charles Bridges, and Matthew Henry.

Believing that the “old is often better than the new,” the editors of this series chose content that accurately handles the biblical text, while promoting godliness with spiritual vision and authority.

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Deeply Spiritual, Insightful, Edifying, and Biblical

The Church’s Bible is designed to present the Scriptures as understood and interpreted during the first millennium of Christian history.

Early Christian thinkers loved the Bible’s teachings and were filled with awe before its mysteries. They believed that “Scripture interprets Scripture,” and the library of commentaries they wrote are an untapped resource for understanding the Bible as a book about Christ.

Scholarly, Yet Accessible

Drawing extensively on these ancient commentaries that were written during the first 800 years of Church history, the five volumes in this series include the comments, as well as sermons and sermon series, that were written during that time. Studying these volumes will bring you into the spiritual and theological world of the early Church and its understanding of the Bible. You’ll find that the knowledge found in The Church’s Bible is helpful for preaching and teaching.

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The Most Convenient Way to Access Your Books & Bibles in One Place

Welcome to our Tips & Tricks series! This series is meant to help you get the most out of using Wordsearch. Hopefully you’ll find out something new with each tip and be on your way to deeper Bible study. This week’s tip is about the Bible carousel.

The Wordsearch program offers numerous ways to access your books and Bibles. One of the most convenient and handy methods is the carousel.
The carousel was designed to give you access to your favorite books or Bible translations inside of one tab of a window.
By using the Bible carousel it not only saves you time in opening and closing your different translations, but it also keeps your screen neat and tidy without having to have multiple tabs opened up.

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Wordsearch 12 Update Available

Hi everyone!

A few updates for Wordsearch 12 users.

To update Wordsearch 12: When you open your program a pop-up will alert you of an update, or you can go to Help – Check for Updates, and it will download the update if your program isn’t up to date.

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Accessible and Useful for Everyone

God’s Word does not change. God’s world, however, changes in every generation.” – NAC Editors

The New American Commentary (NAC) is a carefully developed, evangelical commentary that makes God’s Word relevant to our world today. The perspective of the NAC is unapologetically confessional and rooted in the evangelical tradition. It affirms the divine inspiration, inerrancy, complete truthfulness, and full authority of the Bible.

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Quick Tip: Find the Best Content Quickly & Easily

With how many books and resources we have on our e-store, it can be tricky to find what you might be looking for.

To make it easier and faster for you to see some of our most sold content, our best-sellers are now at the top of any category you browse.

So for example, if you are looking at the Commentary Sets category, you’ll see our best-selling commentary sets first with an orange box that says ” Best Seller” so you can’t miss it. This is a tool that can be helpful if you are struggling to determine what might be best to add to your Wordsearch library.

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