Technology Advances Coming Soon


As you might have noticed, we have a few changes going on at WORDsearch. Here are some updates on the technology advances that are coming soon.


NEW: WORDsearch Bible 10

Enhancements to WORDsearch 10 desktop software are coming soon. Features such as automatic book updates, account synchronization and My Library Report will be introduced. We will have further details about enhancements when it is released.

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Staff Pick – Children’s Edition of Touching Incidents and Remarkable Answers to Prayer

TouchingIncidentsEach week the blog will feature a favorite book of a staff member that’s available on WORDsearch.

I have always been interested in history. Specifically, the way technology, religious beliefs and social customs work together to paint a picture of daily life. I first became interested in history in this way when I started trying to discern what God was trying to tell me as I studied the Bible. I found that many passages and lessons took on a different meaning when I knew more about the sociopolitical environment from which the author was writing.

It is for this reason that I immediately thought of the Children’s Edition of Touching Incidents and Remarkable Answers to Prayer by Rev. S. B. Shaw when I was told to pick a favorite book that I had worked on. The children’s edition of Touching Incidents (you will forgive me if I don’t type out the full title every time!) was published in 1895, the author adding illustrations to make the book more palatable to a younger audience. The very existence of this book in a children’s edition shows a huge change in moral and social ideals from the late 1800’s to today.

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WORDsearch is on Pinterest!


Hi everyone!  Do you love the Bible verse images we share on Facebook? Many of them come from our Pinterest page! Yes, WORDsearch is on Pinterest!

As you probably know, Pinterest is a social media tool used to create “pin” boards of different images you want to collect for inspiration or future ideas.

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Staff Picks – With Christ in the School of Prayer

168802_4271002736958_1256012698_nEach week the blog will feature a favorite book of a staff member that’s available on WORDsearch.

Some time ago, I was organizing a stack of books here at the office when I stumbled upon a little antiquated volume titled With Christ in the School of Prayer by Andrew Murray. We had multiple hard copies of the work, and I was instructed by my boss to take one home and to read it at my leisure. I happily consented! The book turned out to be a quick favorite and has been instrumental in shaping my prayer life.

The title of the book is taken from Luke 11:1, where it is recorded that the disciples went to Jesus and requested, “Lord, teach us to pray.” As the one who “ever lives to intercede” for those who go to God through Him (Hebrews 7:25), there is “none who can pray like Him, and none who can teach like Him.”

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A Special Guest Blog from our President, Selma

Wilson.3123Thank you for all you do to serve the church. Through the ministry of WORDsearch, it is our team’s desire to offer you resources and tools that will equip you in all that you do to build up the body of Christ and hopefully messages that will help you to not lose heart and to keep running the race God has set before you.

My mother was raised in a family that was very religious. In fact they were so religious, they didn’t go to church because they saw the church as less than perfect. My great-grandmother led my mother to faith in Christ as a young teenage girl and as she grew in her faith, she also grew in her longing to be a part of a church family. Mom told me stories of looking out her bedroom window where she could see the small country church in her community and longing to go. She began to pray that God would give her a husband that loved Christ and loved the church so they could go together and take their children.

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Staff Picks – Psychology & Christianity

Each week the blog will feature a favorite book of a staff member that’s available on WORDsearch.

As a somewhat introspective person I often encounter mental barriers when I come to the intersection of my personal faith and science. More specifically the human sciences. By the title alone I was pretty sure I’d find something in Psychology & Christianity that I might find useful, or interesting nonetheless. I was right on both counts!

Author David G. Meyers summed up my internal struggle and the questions I ask myself perfectly in the first chapter, “So, those of us in psychological science are sometimes asked, how do you reconcile your commitment to psychological science with your commitment to the Christian Faith? (1) How do they fit together? (2) Are they mutually supportive? (3) Are there points of tension?”

With that, I dove in. The quest for better understanding had begun!

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