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The primary theme of this year’s online training conference will be “Training The Preacher.”

It’s will all be conducted through the form of live online training, with two half-days worth of valuable content. You can attend this training from your office or even from the comfort of your own home.

Here’s a partial list of the benefits you’ll enjoy through our Wordsearch Training Conference:

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Merry Christmas!

No matter how you celebrate Christmas, try to find some time in the chaos to spend with Jesus. Alone, with your family or friends, at church, wherever you are, stop and take a moment to reflect on the best gift God could ever give us, the gift of His son, Jesus.

Glory to God in the highest heaven, and peace on earth to people He favors! – Luke 2:14 (HCSB) 

Merry Christmas!

Best Link of the Weeks 12/15/2017

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The Most Important Part of Your Sermon

The entire sermon is important. Each part is connected to the others and is a part of a greater whole. I am on board with you. But I want to argue that one part of the sermon is more important than the others. Posted by Lifeway Pastors.

Research and Thoughts on Billy Graham’s Legacy and Leadership

There will be a lot said about Billy Graham, and rightly so, in coming years as people reflect on his legacy and his leadership. Posted by Eric Geiger.

A Test for Christian Leaders

Christian leaders are sinners before we’re leaders. We’re all fallen men and women destined for hell apart from the grace of God. That means that we Christian leaders have no grounds for ego. Posted by Chuck Lawless.

The Critical Trends for Churches in 2018

Cultural Christianity is all but dead. The “Nones,” those without any religious preference, are increasing. Many of the communities are no longer friendly to local churches; some have become adversarial. Posted by Thom Rainer.

Best Links of the Week 12/8/2017

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4 Phrases for Preachers to Avoid

Nothing excites me more than the week in and week out ministry of preaching. The preparation is a joyous burden that shapes my character, challenges my skills, and encourages my personal relationship with God. Posted by Lifeway Pastors.

Four Considerations for Baby Boomer Pastors

It’s time, fellow Boomers. It’s time for us to consider how to transition in this phase of our life and ministry. Don’t hold on to those things where God has told you to let go. Posted by Thom Rainer.

The Fine Print in Christian Leadership

I’m an advocate of strategic leadership. I don’t believe the church should run from leadership. We need it, just as does any other organization of people. God uses men and women to lead His people. You can see it throughout the Bible. Posted by Ron Edmondson.

Four Benefits of Partnering with Other Local Churches

As pastors, we can see our church as our primary team. Though I advocate for robust local church membership, we should be wary of the temptation to begin viewing other churches as the “competition.” Posted by Lifeway Pastors.

Best Links of the Week 11/24/2017

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Five Things to Keep in Mind When Preaching This Week

When it comes to preaching the sermon, we think about the text, do the exegesis, do as much language study as we can, think about the introduction, conclusion, and application. Posted by Lifeway Pastors.

The Wordsearch Thanksgiving Sale

Low-Cost Resources to Build a Strong Bible Library. Posted by Wordsearch.

Facing Three Common Ministry Fears

Why does a seasoned pastor fear sharing the gospel with an unbeliever? Why does a grown man fear a hard conversation with his child? Why are we afraid to ask others for help? Posted by Lifeway Pastors.

5 Negative Influences on Pastors Who Leave Pastoring

In other words, why is it that some leaders tap out of pastoring, even after years of doing so, and move in a completely different direction? Posted by Eric Geiger.

Learn More about Boice Expositional Commentaries

A reformed theologian and pastor, Dr. James Montgomery Boice was known for combining careful scholarship with clear, personal communication. Posted by Wordsearch.

Happy Thanksgiving!

Happy Thanksgiving from your friends at Wordsearch!