Best Links of the Week 10/20/2017

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Three Questions To Improve Your Self-Awareness

To make it to the end we need to be self-aware of what is driving us, our blindspots, and our physical, spiritual, and emotional health. Posted by Pastors Today.

4 Failings of the 60,000-foot Leader

But just as it is dangerous for planes to fly too high (commercial airlines are limited to 45,000 feet), it is dangerous when a leader leads at 60,000 feet, when a leader soars too high above the work. Posted by Eric Geiger.

3 Ways Pastors and Church Leaders Undermine Themselves on Social Media

Social media use is pervasive in American culture today. The various social media platforms we use are the 21st century version of the town square—they are modern-day spaces to exchange ideas, learn the news, and more. Posted by The Exchange.

Shepherding Those Who Don’t Want a Shepherd

There are people in your church who do not like you. They certainly do not want to be led by you. You have to be okay with that. Posted by Pastors Today.


Best Links of the Week 10/13/2017

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Eight Biblical Reasons to Preach to People’s Minds

We seem to talk little about the role of the mind in discipleship. Serving? Yes. Caring? Yes. The fruit of the Spirit? Yes. But, the mind? We almost seem to fear the subject, except in the most generic sense. Posted by Pastors Today.

5 Great Things That Happen When Leaders Get Out of Their Offices

The pull to stay in your office can be strong. There are plenty of emails and plenty of meetings to keep leaders stuck in their offices. But wise leaders get out of their offices. Posted by Eric Geiger.

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Best Links of the Week 10/7/2017

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How to Shepherd in the Aftermath of a Disaster

Following any disaster, pastors find there are spiritual and emotional needs of persons in their community who may have experienced life-changing disaster, as well as the needs of the church itself. How we shepherd through these times will have both immediate and lasting impact in people’s lives. Posted by Pastors Today.

Read More – The New International Commentary

The volumes in this commentary bridge the gap between today’s world and that of Bible times. See how it looks in Wordsearch. Posted by Wordsearch.

How to Engage Your Community through Serving

We long for them to know about the ultimate way that Jesus has served us through the cross. We hope that our service points them to this hope. Posted by Pastors Today.

My Relationship with Leadership

Because of my experience, I think all of us can learn to be leaders. I don’t think leadership is simply something we are born with or not. We can learn skills, activities, and practices that help us in the area of leadership. Posted by Ed Stetzer.

The Four Most Common Acts of Stupidity that Get Pastors Fired

Pastors and other church leaders: Please heed the words in this post. Please understand the counsel comes from a guy who’s been around a while, a guy who has seen stupid more times than I would ever want. Posted by Thom Rainer.

What We Appreciate About Our Pastors


Pastor Appreciation Month is a great time to encourage and thank our pastors for what they do for us, on Sunday and every other day of the week. Being a leader can be a lonely, hard job, and we should help by letting them know how much they mean to us. Here at WORDsearch, we wanted to share with you some of the great things we love about our pastors here in Austin.

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4 Questions with Pauline Scholar Thomas Schreiner

Thomas R. Schreiner is a Pauline scholar with a PhD from Fuller Theological Seminary. You might recognize his name from one our favorite commentaries, the Baker Exegetical Commentary on the New Testament. He wrote the volume on Romans. He also wrote the volume on Hebrews in a new series called the Biblical Theology for Christian Proclamation (on sale now). He is the James Buchanan Harrison Professor of New Testament Interpretation at Southern Baptist Theological Seminary in Louisville, Kentucky.
WORDsearch chatted with Thomas about his Bible study tips, sermon prep, and more.

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5 Questions with the Editor of the Christ-Centered Exposition Commentary

Tony Merida is lead pastor Imago Dei Church in Raleigh, North Carolina. He earned a Ph.D. in preaching from New Orleans Baptist Theological Seminary and serves as associate professor of preaching at Southeastern Baptist Theological Seminary. He is also one of the editors of the Christ-Centered Exposition Commentary volumes (on sale now), showing readers how to see Christ in all aspects of Scripture.

WORDsearch chatted with Tony about his Bible study tips, sermon prep, and more.

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