Weekly Free Book – Exegetical Commentary on Matthew

Hi everyone, this week’s free book is Exegetical Commentary On Matthew by Spiros Zodhiates.

Written by noted Greek scholar Dr. Spiros Zodhiates, this commentary is the culmination of daily and rigorous study of the original Greek text for the entire Gospel of Matthew. The word-for-word exegesis will open insights into the original language of the New Testament, illuminating the English texts we have today more fully.

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Weekly Free Book – The Caring Church

Hi everyone, this week’s free book is The Caring Church by Oliver McMahan.

The Caring Church calls today’s congregations to the mission for which Jesus declared, “I will build My church” to express His love to a hurting world. In this insightful look at contemporary culture and the church’s response to human need, Oliver McMahan offers workable strategies for moving congregations from “church as usual” to the doorway of all ministry – care.

The book addresses practical priorities and points out that the caring church undergirds and infuses every aspect of ministry with care – evangelism, discipleship, and worship. When this happens, the lament of the psalmist, “No man cared for my soul,” will not be heard.

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Swindoll’s Living Insights New Testament Commentary

“My continued hope and prayer is that you will find these volumes helpful in your own study and personal application of the Bible. May they help you come to realize, as I have over these many years, that God’s word is as timeless as it is true.” –Chuck Swindoll

Swindoll’s Living Insights New Testament Commentary brings the Bible to life. Newly revised and expanded, the 15 volumes draw on author and Gold Medallion Award winner Swindoll’s 50 years of experience with studying and preaching God’s Word. A self-proclaimed “addict” to the examination and proclamation of the Scriptures, Swindoll says his major goal in life is to “communicate the Word with accuracy, insight, clarity, and practicality.”

15 Volumes Full of Practical Insights

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Discovering Christ Series

Author and pastor Donald Fortner has a passion for showing Christ in all of Scriptures.

Fortner’s approach to preaching is to emphasize the Lord’s glory with clear biblical teaching. His sermons resonate with Christ-exalting doctrine.

A Passionate Conviction

The Discovering Christ Series is written with Fortner’s conviction that God’s Word is intended to “make known the person and work of the Son of God as the sinner’s substitute.”

This series simply and clearly communicates that conviction with helpful insights that are great for creating sermons and lessons. Reading these volumes feels like you are having a conversation with a wise preacher who will inspire you to have an even greater appreciation of the Scriptures.

The Discovering Christ Set Includes:

  • A survey of the entire Bible, focused on how Christ is revealed in all of Scripture that also includes exclusive audio narration for all 66 chapters
  • Commentary that takes a closer look at the books of Genesis, Ruth, Song of Solomon, Matthew, Mark, Luke (two volumes), John (two volumes), Galatians, Hebrews, and Revelation
  • Five bonus books; two devotionals: Discovering Christ Day by Day and Grace for Today and three theology volumes: Basic Bible Doctrine, Going Home, and The Church of God.

These volumes in Wordsearch will inspire you as you study the Bible.

This set is on sale for 87% off until April 2. Learn more here.

Everyday/Everyman’s Bible Commentary Series

For over sixty years, the Everyday Bible Commentary series (formerly titled Everyman’s Bible Commentary series and re-released as Everyday) has served millions of readers, helping them to grow in their understanding of both God and His Word.

These commentaries—written by a wide variety of evangelical scholars who are experts in their respective fields—provide biblical interpretation that is both accessible and rich, impacting the daily lives of Christians from diverse cultural and theological backgrounds.

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Award Winning Sermons

From the years 1976-1979, the Sunday School Board of the Southern Baptist Convention created the Award Winning Sermon project.

The goal of this project was to locate and recognize Southern Baptist preachers who communicated the gospel effectively, both in the pulpit and through the printed page. Preachers were invited to send one or more of their own sermons, or to recommend, with permission, the sermon of another in one or more of five different categories.

From the thousands of sermons submitted from across the country, the 60 deemed best by the Board were collected and published into these four volumes.

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