Follow Preaching from the Apostles to Today

What an incredible work. I was so impressed by the thoughtfulness and care the editors put into their selections. If you want to be blessed by, and mentored by, some of the most anointed teachers in history, this great work is where to begin! I’m excited to add it to my library and hope every serious student of God’s word will do the same.” – J.D. Greear, The Summit Church

A Legacy of Preaching: Apostles to the Present Day explores the history and development of preaching through a biographical and theological examination of its most important preachers. Instead of teaching the history of preaching from the perspective of movements and eras, each contributor tells the story of a particular preacher in history, allowing these preachers from the past to come alive and instruct us through their lives, theologies, and methods of preaching.

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Connect More Closely with Scripture

Connections embodies two complementary convictions about the study of Scripture in preparation for preaching and worship. First, to best understand an individual passage of Scripture, we should put it in conversation with the rest of the Bible. Second, since all truth is God’s truth, we should bring as many ‘lenses’ as possible to the study of Scripture, drawn from as many sources as we can find.” -from the publisher’s note

Designed to empower preachers as they lead their congregations to connect their lives to Scripture, Connections features a broad set of interpretive tools that provide commentary and worship aids on the Revised Common Lectionary (RCL). Even if you don’t follow the RCL, Connections is geared specifically to the needs of preaching and will illuminate your study and preparation. You’ll discover relevant, in-depth, and imaginative reflections on the lectionary by some of our generation’s leading biblical scholars, theologians, homileticians, and other scholars.

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Alliterated Commentary Written with the Preacher in Mind

The Expository Pulpit Series provides 26 volumes of chapter-by-chapter alliterated commentary that will help your preaching and teaching become more effective and memorable. The volumes in this series are written with the preacher in mind.

The author of this series, Dr. Glen Spencer, has been an expository preacher for over 30 years and currently serves as pastor of Vernon Baptist Church in Pennsylvania. Dr. Spencer is a gifted preacher and author. He clearly outlines Scripture with beautifully alliterated points and subpoints. He then fills in the details with insightful commentary, illustrations, and applications.

Most of us who preach or teach the Bible appreciate great alliteration. But, creating alliteration is hard, time-consuming work. If you preach or teach, you will find Spencer’s work gives you a tremendous head start in building sermons and lessons.

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The Old Testament and New Testament Library Series

The Old Testament and New Testament Library Series provides fresh commentary from scholars of international standing on important aspects of biblical study.

Meant to Serve the Church

While academic, this series is also meant to serve the church. The format and commentary type varies, but the volumes are thoroughly researched and critically engage the text.

The volume on Exodus, for example, is one of the most distinguished books in the series. “Unabashedly theological,” each section in this volume begins with a new translation of the Hebrew text, then the historical development behind the final form of the biblical text is treated in detail. This is followed by:

  • Commentary on the Old Testament context
  • The New Testament’s treatment of the Old Testament
  • A history of exegesis
  • Theological reflection

The heart of this commentary is directed toward students, pastors, and Sunday school teachers, providing robust insights for sermons and lessons. This is just one example of how this series can help you in your ministry.

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Thousands of Sermon Outlines Accessible by Topic, Scripture Text, and Author

Golden Nuggets is a bundle of 59 volumes of outstanding sermon outlines covering thousands of topics. Back in the 1960s, evangelist and editor Maze Jackson began collecting and publishing the best sermon outlines he could find. This collection, originally published as a part of The Preacher’s Goldmine, grew to 59 volumes and was quite popular among preachers and Bible teachers. Sadly, Jackson died in 1996, and Golden Nuggets seemed to fade away. These books are hard to find, but we managed to find all 59 volumes of Golden Nuggets and meticulously formatted each volume for use in Wordsearch Bible. Now this magnificent set is ready to serve you and your ministry.

More Sermons & Lessons Than You Could Preach in a Lifetime

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Read More – The Biblical Illustrator

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Without question The Biblical Illustrator comprises the greatest amount of biblical exposition ever assembled. It contains sermons, outlines, quotations, anecdotes, similes, emblems, and illustrations. Originally published in 1887, The Biblical Illustrator is one of the most robust commentaries ever published, covering every chapter and verse of the Word of God by some of the best preachers and teachers of the 19th century.

These contributors include Charles Spurgeon, D. L. Moody, Alexander MacLaren, Matthew Henry, Adam Clark, John Wesley, Joseph Parker, J.C. Ryle, and hundreds of others.

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