“The Bible Is To Be Lived.”

The Randall House Bible Commentary Series is a must have for pastors and students of the Bible. The authors share an unclouded commitment to the inerrant Word of God, and each of the eleven volumes includes verse-by-verse commentary, summaries of passages, and application notes for preaching and teaching.

An Overall Aim to be Practical

While The Randall House Bible Commentary Series is not intended to be highly technical, the volumes also aren’t purely devotional. They are understandable while seriously expounding the text. When the writers comment on the Greek text, they do so in a way that anyone without formal training can follow, with technical comments put in parenthesis. The overall aim of this series is to be practical, as general editor Robert Picirilli says in the introduction, “Above all; the Bible is to be lived.”

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Fresh Expository Commentary

The Cornerstone Biblical Commentary offers outstanding, fresh, and accurate scholarship on every book of the Bible. It is designed to help pastors, teachers, and students of the Bible understand the meaning of the Word of God.

Accurate, Meticulous Scholarship

Written by many of the same scholars who worked on the New Living Translation (NLT) Bible, the Cornerstone Biblical Commentary is the product of years of meticulous work. Each of the nearly 40 scholars is well-known, and a wide spectrum of theological positions within the evangelical community is represented. Their time and effort will benefit you as you study the Bible. The volumes also will share the reasons behind the translation decisions made when creating the NLT.

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Rich Exposition & Application

Designed to strengthen the global church with a widely accessible, theologically sound, and pastorally wise resource.

The ESV Expository Commentary will be a useful and trustworthy addition to your Wordsearch library for understanding and applying the overarching storyline of the Bible.

Featuring crisp and theologically rich exposition and application, the three available volumes (the series will eventually have 12 volumes) also feature the full text of the ESV Bible passage by passage. In Wordsearch, you can also compare the text to any other of your favorite translations. The volumes now available are Daniel-Malachi, Ephesians-Philemon, and Hebrews-Revelation.

Written by a Team of Experienced Pastor-Theologians

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12 Volumes of Sermons from Great Preachers

The Basic Bible Sermons Series will give you ideas and resource material that can be used in sermons and lessons.

The 12 volumes of sermons each cover a different topic or Bible book. Each volume was written by a different pastor, and authors include Jerry Vines, James T. Draper, Jr., Herschel H. Hobbs, W. A. Criswell, and more.

The volumes include “Basic Bible Sermons” on:

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The Best Works by the Greatest Bible Teachers & Theologians

The Crossway Classic Commentaries take the best works by the greatest Bible teachers and theologians in the last 500 years and carefully adapts them for maximum understanding and usefulness for today’s believers.

Learn from the Best

First, the editors found the best work by the best spiritual leader for each Bible book. For example, Charles Spurgeon covers Psalms, Charles Hodge covers Romans, and John Calvin covers Genesis. Some of the other authors include J.C. Ryle, Martin Luther, J.B. Lightfoot, John Owens, Charles Bridges, and Matthew Henry.

Believing that the “old is often better than the new,” the editors of this series chose content that accurately handles the biblical text, while promoting godliness with spiritual vision and authority.

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Deeply Spiritual, Insightful, Edifying, and Biblical

The Church’s Bible is designed to present the Scriptures as understood and interpreted during the first millennium of Christian history.

Early Christian thinkers loved the Bible’s teachings and were filled with awe before its mysteries. They believed that “Scripture interprets Scripture,” and the library of commentaries they wrote are an untapped resource for understanding the Bible as a book about Christ.

Scholarly, Yet Accessible

Drawing extensively on these ancient commentaries that were written during the first 800 years of Church history, the five volumes in this series include the comments, as well as sermons and sermon series, that were written during that time. Studying these volumes will bring you into the spiritual and theological world of the early Church and its understanding of the Bible. You’ll find that the knowledge found in The Church’s Bible is helpful for preaching and teaching.

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