Concise, Bible-Based Answers on Difficult Topics

“Who introduced the chapter and verse divisions regularly found in our current Bibles? What is the proper definition of ‘inerrancy’? What is the relationship of John’s baptism to Christian baptism? What does the Bible say about spiritual warfare? What is human freedom according to Calvinism? What is at stake regarding the four gospels?”

The 40 Questions About…Series is designed to help you think through the common and difficult questions you encounter as a Christian, pastor, and church.

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New Standard Lesson Commentary Editions!

Each edition of the Standard Lesson Commentary provides you with a full year’s worth of adult Sunday school materials. You’ll have everything you need to prepare quality lessons with biblically sound teaching.

Create a Life-Changing Environment

For each week of the year, you get a full, solidly Bible-based lesson ideal for group study. Each lesson is organized with Key Verse, Lesson Aims, Lesson Outline, Introduction, Lesson Background, and How to Say Biblical Words. Each lesson also includes verse-by-verse exposition, engaging discussion questions, graphics, illustrations, and relevant examples to get your students interested in the Bible.

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The Grace New Testament Commentary

The Grace New Testament Commentary, Revised Edition is 30-year-project from the Grace Evangelical Society.

Based on the NKJV, this one-volume commentary is written from a conservative, dispensational, free grace perspective.

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A 20-Volume Collection of Sermon Helps

The Eerdmans Preaching Collection was created to help you as you not only study and write your sermons, but also as you lead your church through the ups and downs of daily life.

Eerdmans has been publishing trusted Christian content since 1911. The Eerdmans Preaching Collection combines some of their best sermon helps and includes 11 new releases.

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Weekly Free Book – Memorial Day Edition

Every Friday we offer a free book until the following Monday with no strings attached. This is just our way of saying thank you for being a part of the Wordsearch family!

The past few months have been hard. This Memorial Day, we want to show our appreciation for you and the work you do for God’s kingdom. To do this, we are offering five free books and a $5 coupon.

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Understanding the Bible Commentary Series

Understanding the Bible Commentary Series

The Understanding the Bible Commentary Series is a remarkable commentary written to be used by those who preach, teach, and study God’s Word for the purpose of ministry to others.

These volumes were written by some of the best evangelical Bible scholars today. Each of these theologians was challenged to write in a way that would be clearly understandable to anyone.

Each volume contains an introductory chapter detailing the background of the book, its author, and important themes. It also includes an overview, an outline, and other helpful information.

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