Over 1,200 Pages of Material to Create Sermons & Lessons

If you’ve been wanting to get a better handle on the Bible, the Ultimate Guide Series in Wordsearch provides 1,200 pages of easily searchable, helpful content that will guide you through the books, characters, and theology of the Bible. The way the material is presented in these volumes will provide you with new perspectives as you preach and teach.

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Engage Meaningfully with Scripture

Seeking to bridge the gap between biblical studies and systematic theology, this series aims to help pastors, teachers, and students engage with theological interpretation of Scripture.

Theological Readings from the Past and Present

Two features distinguish The Two Horizons Commentary Series: theological exegesis and theological reflection. Theological reflection in The Two Horizons Commentary Series takes many forms, including locating each book in relation to the whole of Scripture, asking what the biblical book contributes to biblical theology, and how it relates to the constructive theology of today.

Section-by-Section Exegesis that is Deliberately Theological In Focus

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Boice Expositional Commentaries

A reformed theologian and pastor, Dr. James Montgomery Boice was known for combining careful scholarship with clear, personal communication. Boice Expositional Commentaries is a collection of 27 volumes filled with his thoughtful interpretation and contemporary insight for daily living. Perfect for anyone who is interested in studying the Bible, Boice Expositional Commentaries can be used for preaching, teaching, and devotional reading.

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Tyndale Commentaries & The John Phillips Complete Collection on Sale for Over 85% Off

Tyndale Commentary Series 

The Tyndale Commentary Series has long been a favorite of preachers, teachers, and serious students of God’s Word. Carefully staying true to the Bible text, each commentary in the set walks through every passage one at a time, making sure to stop at each significant Greek or Hebrew word.
Aiming to be fully understood by everyone, including those with no experience in biblical languages, this series is easy to understand, but it also digs deeply into the text.

Scholarly Without Being Overly Technical

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Encourage Your Church with Counseling Resources

As a minister, you are constantly helping others with their daily struggles and painful experiences. It can be hard to know the best way to handle each and every issue that will come up in your ministry.

Counseling Resources Can Help

With counseling resources in your Wordsearch library, you’ll find it easy to search topics and combine additional material from other resources in your digital library. The Cross-Reference Explorer in Wordsearch will also help you find interesting stories and practical applications you can use in creating lessons and sermons about any of these important topics.

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Equip Your Church with Two New Series

The First Steps Series

The First Steps Series is a tool for church leaders to help those unfamiliar with the teachings of Jesus grow into new disciples. A great building block for a Sunday school class or sermon series, the First Steps Series will help you guide your ministry as you think through some of life’s big questions.

Each of the ten volumes covers a different topic, including Church, Service, Character, Relationships, Voices, and more. Every volume asks important questions about each topic and provides illustrations, key verses, memory verses, and summaries.

Taking your church through these books will equip them to grow in character, knowledge, and action.

A Little Book Series

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