Feast in the Word of God

Designed to help you grow in your understanding, love, and appreciation of God’s Word, the Bible Feast Series is a practical and powerful tool for pastors and Bible teachers.

Great for Sermon Creation

Each of the ten books of the Bible covered is well outlined, alliterated, practically illustrated, and grounded in the Word of God. Each book starts with an overall outline of the major events and an introduction. The lessons that follow include the Bible verse covered, illustrations, related verses, and quotes before moving into the bulk of the lesson text. Each lesson is built into easy-to-read bullet points that will guide and encourage you in your sermon creation.

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A Unique Preaching Resource

Feasting on the Gospels is a new seven-volume series covering the most prominent and preached upon New Testament books—the four gospels. Taking a passage-by-passage approach, the commentary series provides you with practical insights for preaching.

Four Useful Sections on Each Passage for Sermon Preparation

Four perspectives are offered for each passage: theological, pastoral, exegetical, and homiletical. In Wordsearch, each of these perspectives is listed in the table of contents so you can navigate quickly to the one you want to see.

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What Did the Christian Life Mean to Each of These Theologians?

Spurgeon. Augustine. Wesley. Luther. Calvin. Warfield. Lewis. These are all important theologians whose lives and works still affect the Christian faith today.

What Did the Christian Life Mean to Each of These Theologians?

The Theologians on the Christian Life series looks closely and critically at 15 major theologians and how they lived out their Christian faith.

While these theologians have different models, approaches, and emphases, this series invites you to learn about each one to gain wisdom from the past. You’ll be challenged and encouraged by the thoughtful insights provided about each theologian. The authors don’t put the theologians on a pedestal; instead, they show you who they were honestly, flaws and all.

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Read More – Jesus Is the Key to the Psalms


The Psalms are the very heart of Holy Scripture. The Book of Psalms has been called “The Prayer and Praise Book of Israel”, but, of course, the Psalms are not the exclusive property of that favoured nation. Believers of all ages have sung them and have revelled in the sweetness of these inspired songs. It seems as though every human emotion and every spiritual ambition finds expression in the poetry of the Psalms…The Saviour Himself, however, has provided the key to the most profitable of all meditations, that is to find Christ in the Psalms. Here we may find His sufferings and His glory, His feelings and His tender inner experiences. On that memorable first day of the week on the way to Emmaus, and later in Jerusalem in the midst of His disciples, He showed those early believers that He was in all the Scriptures, and He made special reference to the Psalms (Lk 24:27, 44). Indeed certain Psalms are called “Messianic” because, apart from Himself, the Messiah, there can be no ultimate understanding or fulfilment of those particular Psalms.

The Psalms are many believers’ favorite book of the Bible, and for good reason. But have you ever thought about how even songs of praise can point and lead to Jesus?

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“Nothing Less than a Library of Faithful Exegesis and Exposition”

John MacArthur is known worldwide as an outstanding theologian, author, and champion of expository preaching. His MacArthur New Testament Commentary is one of today’s top-selling commentary series with over 1 million copies sold to date.

In each volume, MacArthur carefully takes each passage of Scripture, brings out truth and doctrine, and then explains how this relates to the whole, big picture of the Bible. He connects the Scriptural dots, using Scripture to shed light on other Scripture.

In this expository commentary, MacArthur provides verse-by-verse analysis within the context. With focus on the meaning and context, each passage is then reflected on, followed by points of application. The application is practical and relevant. It is not linguistically technical but will deal with linguistics when MacArthur feels it is helpful. It also focuses on major doctrines and how they relate to Scripture.

The MacArthur New Testament Commentary is thorough, and MacArthur will sometimes get more out of one verse than many commentaries will get out of an entire chapter.

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Weekly Free Book – The Relational Leader

Today’s free book is The Relational Leader by Stephen R. Graves and Brad J. Waggoner.

What makes a great leader?

Whatever formula and definition you come up with, you must account for the relational side of life. Very little work happens without touching people. Another way to say that is most of our work is tied to humanity. Therefore, without sound relational skills every leader will struggle. And there are no exceptions. That leadership deficit eventually catches up with us.

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