Learn to Engage with the Old Testament Text

Introducing the Old Testament provides a comprehensive overview to the Old Testament organized in a format that will aid your preaching and teaching. Filled with maps, illustrations, sidebars, discussion questions, and suggestions for further reading, you’ll be equipped to teach others how to read and engage with the Old Testament.

Decades of Wisdom

The authors bring decades of scholarly study and classroom experience to this work. Each chapter outlines the historical and cultural background, literary features, main characters, key theological themes, and structure of the Old Testament books.

Organized Visual Aids

More than 50 visuals are included in this volume, including tables, diagrams, timelines, and figures that are all listed together in the Table of Contents in Wordsearch. Each visual is linked to the page it appears on. This way you can easily find the graphics you need when creating a sermon or lesson. These images are full-color, beautiful, and go along perfectly with the themes of the chapters.

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Read More – The New International Commentary


The New International Commentary combines readability with expert scholarship and is highly regarded by theologians, preachers, and Bible students. The volumes in this commentary bridge the gap between today’s world and that of Bible times.

Each commentary opens with an introduction to the biblical book and examines its background, authorship, date, purpose, structure, and theology.

Here is how the intro for the Mark volume looks in Wordsearch. Each section of the intro is separated out into the eight parts included in this specific volume so you can easily know which section you would like to study.

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Wordsearch 12 Libraries Designed for Those in Ministry

One of the best parts about using the new Wordsearch 12 program is adding books to your library. In total, Wordsearch has over 5,000 books available to aid you in studying God’s Word.

Where to begin?

It can be hard to know where to start with so many options. While the base library of Wordsearch 12 includes 50 books and provides a well-rounded library (and worth over $350, learn more here.), we have also created five additional libraries. These libraries were designed to help you with certain aspects of your ministry and include additional resources that were chosen specifically for teaching or preaching. Each of these libraries includes from 101 up to 1,856 volumes and are some of the best deals we offer. To see a comparison chart of what books are included in each library, click here.

Already have books in your library?

Our custom pricing feature will show you what you will pay for each library depending on what books you already have in your library. This means you never pay for the same book twice. You must be logged in to see your custom pricing.

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IVP’s Exploring the Bible Series

IVP’s Exploring the Bible Series makes scholarship on the Old and New Testaments accessible to contemporary students and readers. Each of the six volumes brims with helpful features to facilitate learning, including maps, charts, graphs, timelines, and glossaries.

Rooted in an actual classroom experience, the Exploring the Bible Series provides up-to-date scholarship that is student-friendly, reliable, balanced, and clearly organized.

Each chapter is set up like a lesson.

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12 Lexicons Up to 86% Off for a Limited Time

Lexicons can help you understand the original meaning of the words used by the biblical authors. A biblical lexicon translates words from the original language into English while providing the context necessary to better understand what the writers were trying to convey.

Word Study in Wordsearch 12

Doing a word study with lexicons is made vastly easier with Wordsearch 12. With the new addition of the Lexicon Explorer, all you have to do is double-click on any original language word and it will provide all the information from your chosen lexicons.

This means you can click on words from your Bibles, commentaries, interlinear Bibles, concordances, word study books—any book in your Wordsearch library that has an original language word—and see different definitions and meanings all in one place.

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A Commentary Designed to Serve the Church

Accessible and rich, the Brazos Theological Commentary on the Bible guides you to the theological heart of the text.

The authors encourage readers to explore how the vital roots of the ancient Christian tradition inform and shape faithfulness today. By doing so, the Brazos Theological Commentary on the Bible demonstrates that there is significant value in a theological interpretation of the Bible.

A Theological Approach

Instead of taking a technical or critical approach, the authors use a method of interpretation that focuses on the theological meaning of each passage. These 22 volumes aim to bridge the gap between theology and exegesis, believing that the two belong hand-in-hand in Bible study and preaching. Guided by the Nicene Creed, the authors lead you toward a reading of Scripture anchored in doctrine.

A Resource for Sermons, Lessons, and Bible Study

The Brazos Theological Commentary on the Bible will complement the other resources in your library as you study and prepare lessons. The commentators exegete the text in a unique way that is relevant and applicable for the twenty-first century church.

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