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One of my favorite Wordsearch resources (besides John G. Butler books!) is the Adrian Rogers Legacy Collection. This goldmine of sermons and illustrations from over the years of Dr. Adrian Rogers’ ministry is a must have for any pastor wishing to draw from one of the finest collections of sermons in digital format today.

However, the Adrian Rogers Legacy Collection is useful in other areas than just sermon preparation for pastors. As a seminary student, I frequently need to write seminary papers, exegetical papers, or engage in discussion groups where I am asked to explain or exegete a passage of Scripture.

While I certainly turn to all the “usual” academic resources when writing my school papers and discussions (such as academic-level dictionaries, exegetical commentaries, theological journals, etc.), I have found that also turning to the Adrian Rogers Legacy Collection gives me a wealth of exposition on a passage of Scripture, as well as some excellent quotes or illustrations to include in my papers and discussions to give them the extra “touch.” I treat the Adrian Rogers Legacy Collection as a giant “commentary” on the Bible that I search against passages of Scripture to see what Dr. Rogers’ insights contain on that passage. Here is how I do it:

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Dr. Adrian Rogers is one of the most beloved pastors and preachers of all time. He was known for his bold preaching, humor, and inspiring challenges to the Christian.

Wordsearch has partnered with Rogers’ foundation, the Pastor Training Institute, to bring you the Adrian Rogers Legacy Collection. We are proud to be the exclusive provider of this material in the Bible software format.

In this library, you’ll get over 1,300 sermons from Rogers – these are full transcripts, word-for-word and straight from the pulpit. In Wordsearch, these sermons are easily searchable. For example, if you want to search the phrase “grace of God,” you can open Search, type in the phrase, filter to only the Adrian Rogers Legacy Collection, and click search.

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Daily Readings to Refresh Your Soul

Reading the Bible as a pastor or preacher for personal edification can be tough. Dissecting the text and seeing the technical aspects constantly can keep you from letting the Bible speak to you. But an important part of leading or teaching is your own faith. This can help you be a better minister to the ones who depend on you each week.

Written by One of the Century’s Great “Pastor-Preachers”

A new release for Wordsearch, the Walk in the Word Series will refresh your soul while also helping you grow in biblical knowledge. Written by George Morrison, who is known as one of the century’s great “pastor-preachers,” these two volumes contain daily readings that seek to meet life’s needs with a Word from God.

This two volume set includes:

  • Meditations on the Gospels, containing daily readings focused on the life and teachings of Jesus as recorded in the gospels
  • More Meditations on the New Testament and Psalms, containing readings on the lives of the apostles and the spread of Christianity as recorded in Acts through Revelation

Morrison’s text is easy to read and has fresh insights that easily turn into a great sermon.

The Parables of the Lost Sheep and Lost Coin

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Read More – And What of Joseph’s Faith?

“But like his father Jacob, Joseph believed the word of promise—that God was building a great people who would one day return to the land of promise.”

In Genesis 48, Jacob blesses his grandsons Ephraim and Manasseh. It might seem like just a nice moment between family, but the Preaching the Word Commentary on Genesis brings this passage to life.

Following along with the verses, the commentary explains the background information and meaning that might not immediately come to mind. For example, the author Hughes explains that by bringing his sons to be blessed by Jacob, Joseph was identifying himself with God’s people, thereby losing their Egyptian prominence. Why does that matter? Joseph was trusting God’s promise, even if it seemed crazy to outsiders. Understanding this can help bring to light the significance of Jacob’s blessing to Joseph.

Read the rest of the commentary on Genesis 48 below. The Preaching the Word Series is an award-winning commentary specifically written to serve those who preach.

We hope you’ll be blessed and inspired by the content in this commentary, and if you love this sample, the entire series is on sale for your Wordsearch library (much better than a PDF!) for only $149.95 until August 30. Individual volumes are on sale for only $7.95 each.

Read the Sample here.

Concise Studies to Help You Save Prep Time

Shepherd’s Notes were designed as study guides to help you create meaningful lessons or sermons. Each of the 55 volumes will give you a succinct description of the important features and main message of the Bible book or topic. Meant to be used alongside the Bible, they will help you explore the wisdom of Scripture in personal or group study and apply that wisdom successfully in your own life.

Easy to Understand & Apply

Every book of the Bible is covered in this bundle, along with 14 volumes covering important topics, like the Life & Letters of Paul, or reference works by people of faith, such as Spurgeon’s Lectures to My Students. These volumes are like the Cliff Notes™ version of difficult-to-use reference works, providing easy to understand summaries and explanations.

Concise Studies to Help You Save Prep Time

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The Preacher’s Outline and Sermon Bible (POSB) is Wordsearch’s bestselling commentary of all time. It is also the world’s top sermon outline tool, with over one million copies in print.

You’ll quickly discover that Wordsearch makes the POSB more useful and valuable than owning the printed edition. With the POSB, any time you are studying a passage of Scripture, Wordsearch can instantly assemble the exact information you want, making it easy to create powerful, soul-winning sermons and lessons. You can search by Bible verse or over 4,000 biblical topics.

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