Weekly Free Book – The Caring Church

Hi everyone, this week’s free book is The Caring Church by Oliver McMahan.

The Caring Church calls today’s congregations to the mission for which Jesus declared, “I will build My church” to express His love to a hurting world. In this insightful look at contemporary culture and the church’s response to human need, Oliver McMahan offers workable strategies for moving congregations from “church as usual” to the doorway of all ministry – care.

The book addresses practical priorities and points out that the caring church undergirds and infuses every aspect of ministry with care – evangelism, discipleship, and worship. When this happens, the lament of the psalmist, “No man cared for my soul,” will not be heard.

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Weekly Free Book

Hi everyone! This week we are offering a free book of practical wisdom for pastors for you to add to your library in our Flash Sale.

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Thanks so much and have a wonderful weekend.

Weekly Free Book – He That Is Spiritual

Happy Friday everyone! Today’s free download is He That Is Spiritual by Lewis Sperry Chafer.

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Weekly Free Book – Biblical Authority

The basic problem that we face today has to do with knowledge and truth. It is not the quantity of truth which is being debated, but the source of truth. Where does genuine truth originate, and how can we know that something is actually truth? This is the burning issue challenging every serious Bible student and Christian today.

Happy Friday everyone! Today’s free download, usually $12.95, is Biblical Authority: The Critical Issue for the Body of Christ by James T. Draper, Jr. and Kenneth Keathley.

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Weekly Free Book – The Relational Leader

Today’s free book is The Relational Leader by Stephen R. Graves and Brad J. Waggoner.

What makes a great leader?

Whatever formula and definition you come up with, you must account for the relational side of life. Very little work happens without touching people. Another way to say that is most of our work is tied to humanity. Therefore, without sound relational skills every leader will struggle. And there are no exceptions. That leadership deficit eventually catches up with us.

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Weekly Free Book! Principle Preaching

The power of principle preaching is simple. Principles are universally applicable. Thus, receptivity is accordingly universal. If it is true in physics that everything that goes up must come down, it is also true in principle preaching, where virtually every principle will be heard, received, remembered, practiced, and even perpetuated by those who hear the Word. Whether one is saved or lost, a communist or Catholic, a Buddhist or Baptist, an astronaut, truck driver, banker, or custodian, the principles will stick.

Today’s free book, usually $14.50, is Principle Preaching: How to Create and Deliver Sermons For Life Applications by John Bisagno.

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