Guest Post – Habit or Habitable?


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Churches on the brink have an interesting decision to make. They can sit on the precipice of irrelevance, close their eyes and pretending things will get better if they do what they have always done, choosing to believe that eventually what used to work will work again. They can choose to quit, just walk away from the community and the calling that started it all, or they can make a decision to change, to take a long hard look at who they were, who they are, and who they want to become. This third one is what the church we pastor has chosen. There is a constant struggle at our church to move forward; some still think the way it was is how it will be again if we do things like we used to, others don’t mind if some things change, but others just can’t be touched. It’s a catch 22 at times, but it’s also a wake up call for all church leaders.

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