Quick Tip – Navigating the WORDsearchBible.com Homepage

Quick Tips for WORDsearch Bible software

As you probably know, the WORDsearch website is the place to go to download books and purchase software. But did you know that you can find out the new releases, how to use different features, the latest sales, and more just by visiting the homepage?

Here’s some tips to stay in the know:

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Quick Tip – Categories


In our past three Quick Tips, we’ve covered how to navigate the different parts of the WORDsearch Bible website. In this installation, we are going to continue exploring the sidebar on the homepage.

The WORDsearch sidebar is located on the left-hand side of the homepage, and is a light gray color. It has two main sections – Bible Software and Catalog. Today, we are going to look at the Catalog section.

The Catalog is where all of the books available for download into your WORDsearch library are located, organized by categories. If the category has an arrow next to it, like Commentaries, you can click on it to see narrowed down options. In Commentaries, this would be New Testament or Old Testament. If you just click Commentaries, you’ll see both listed together.

To help you find what you need, here is what you’ll find in each category listed on the sidebar.

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Quick Tip – Best Sellers, Free Books & More


Last week, we covered how to navigate some parts of the WORDsearch Bible homepage, and this week we are going to look at the navigation bar also found on that same homepage. This is where you’ll find our bestsellers, free books, free training, and more! It is also where you will need to look if you have a coupon to use on our site.

You’ll find each tab in light gray right underneath the search bar. The navigation bar goes where you go, appearing on each page you visit for easy navigation throughout the site.

Here are some helpful hints about each tab:

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