Guest Blog – The Deadliest Enemy of Ministry




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C.S. Lewis called it the “one vice of which no man in the world is free” (Mere Christianity, B.3, ch. 8). Scripture says it was the cause of the rebellion and demise of both Satan and humanity (Isaiah 14, Genesis 3). Tim Keller says it is the reason that there is no peace in the world and that we cannot live in peace with each other (The Freedom of Self-Forgetfulness). It is the sin that we easily see in others but rarely see in ourselves. In 1 Corinthians 4:6 Paul calls it by its Greek name: “physioo.” This word translates as: “to puff up, to inflate, to bear oneself loftily.” More commonly it is referred to as pride.

Pride threatens to creep into our hearts and tamper with our motives for any “good work.” It’s a sin that does not die easily in the hearts of believers and certainly not in my case. I’ve only been in “vocational ministry” for four years, but my love for the Word and for discipleship began long before that. While those are exciting, God-given passions, my flesh and the Enemy often twist those desires into a means of exalting myself.

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