Quick Tip – Quickly See Scripture References


While you are studying a dictionary, commentary, or any other kind of book that mentions Bible verses in WORDsearch, it can be helpful to quickly see the full text of the verse to understand the context or even just read it if you can’t remember that verse exactly.

There are two ways you can do this in WORDsearch, and it really just depends on your preference or the kind of studying you are doing at different times. The Info Window is a window that will stay on the right on your screen no matter what. It will navigate to whatever reference you hover over in your other books.

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Guest Post – Read God’s Word as You Study with the Info Window


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We have all been there. You are reading a fascinating book or article with several biblical references. You are torn between looking up each verse and just trusting the author. A few years ago I fell under conviction that if I did not look up the text I was lifting the opinions of men above the Word of God. (That may not be a real problem but I was raised legalistically, so I find random sins all over the place where there really are not any.)

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