John Butler – A Master of Alliteration

John Butler is a gifted pastor, author, and Bible scholar who has been in ministry for 50 years. Over the years, he created different sets that are ideal for preaching, teaching, and personal study.

In his works, Butler distills and dispenses practical wisdom that exposes truth from Scripture in a new light. He has a gift for alliteration. His alliteration reads like poetry, which makes his messages easy to remember and apply. His commentary is also extremely well researched, and he explains in words that can be understood and easily taught.

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Saturday’s Roundup

sr_01_fb, saturday roundup

In case you missed any of our emails or releases, here’s what’s been happening at WORDsearch this week.

An Underlying Theme of Redemption

I do not believe that we have to make a choice between the critical and the devotional study of the Gospels, but that the critical should be pursued devotionally, and the devotional, critically.– Scroggie

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