Quick Tip for myWSB – New Library Homepage Basics


This is a Quick Tip for myWSB.

The My Library page on myWSB contains all your owned books and resources once you are signed in and linked up to your WORDsearch account. To do this, click Sign In on the top right corner on the home page and sign in or create a Lifeway ID. Once you are signed in with your Lifeway ID, it will take you to the My Library page. Click on the Settings icon profile, then click on Linked ID’s and sign in with your WORDsearch Bible account by clicking Link and filling in your email and password.

Once you are signed in and linked to your WORDsearch account (or even without linking you can use the free books in the MyWSB library), navigate to the My Library page by clicking on the Library button in the collapsible Resources Menu on the left side of the screen.

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