The Old Testament and New Testament Library Series

The Old Testament and New Testament Library Series provides fresh commentary from scholars of international standing on important aspects of biblical study.

Meant to Serve the Church

While academic, this series is also meant to serve the church. The format and commentary type varies, but the volumes are thoroughly researched and critically engage the text.

The volume on Exodus, for example, is one of the most distinguished books in the series. “Unabashedly theological,” each section in this volume begins with a new translation of the Hebrew text, then the historical development behind the final form of the biblical text is treated in detail. This is followed by:

  • Commentary on the Old Testament context
  • The New Testament’s treatment of the Old Testament
  • A history of exegesis
  • Theological reflection

The heart of this commentary is directed toward students, pastors, and Sunday school teachers, providing robust insights for sermons and lessons. This is just one example of how this series can help you in your ministry.

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