Spark Your Creativity in Sermon & Lesson Creation

Bible Panorama, The Old Testament Express, and The New Testament Express are three books written by Terry Hall. Hall taught Bible study methods at Moody Bible Institute for ten years and now directs Media Ministries, an organization that specializes in creative ways to teach the Bible. Hard to find, these study helps will spark your creativity and help you to create exciting sermons and lessons.

Bible Panorama

We take in many messages about the Bible, either through sermons we hear, books we read, or podcasts we listen to. Taking in all these separate pieces of information is great, but knowing the big picture of the Bible and where to place what we learn into the flow of Bible history can help you feel more at ease with the Scriptures. Bible Panorama is filled with tons of information to guide you to see the big picture of the Bible, helping you to feel more at home in God’s Word. An amazing teaching help, this volume includes:

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