Fresh Exposition of Scripture Written for Pastors & Teachers

The Reformed Expository Commentary series (REC) is a fresh exposition of Scripture written for pastors, teachers, Bible study leaders, and those who love God’s Word. In what will quickly become a go-to resource in Wordsearch, the REC not only teaches the text but also illustrates and applies it.

“Would we put this into a sermon?”

The content in each volume has been taught and preached to real people in the church by the authors—some of the best Bible pastor-scholars today. Aware that all preachers or Bible teachers only have so much time to study and prepare, the REC aims to be not only excellent and accurate but also convenient and useful. When deciding whether to put content into the commentary, the authors would ask, “Would we put this into a sermon?” This means that, when the content does get technical, the authors walk you through how they would preach that specific instance in as realistic a way as possible.

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