Free Friday! The Mentoring Manifesto

Free Book Friday for Bible SoftwareAs mature Christian men, we’ve learned that loving Jesus and following Him is the secret to life. If we’ve truly experienced walking with Him, we want to share that knowledge and experience with others. Mentoring is simply that sharing what we’ve learned about living life with guys who are a few steps behind us on the path. Just look at how Jesus made His disciples. He picked them, walked through life with them, teaching them what He knew along the way. He challenged them, prayed for them, loved them individually and collectively, and then He “graduated” them and sent them out to “pay it forward” to others. He gave them assignments and then debriefed them when they returned. Sometimes He took over situations and finished them when His disciples couldn’t. Jesus “rubbed off” on his guys. Sounds like a mentor to me.

Happy Friday everyone! Today’s free download, usually $3.95, is The Mentoring Manifesto by Regi Campbell.

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