Guest Post – Empowering Children’s Ministry

Baptism by fire, that’s the phrase right? Yep, that’s what it is. And that’s how my official ministry to children started off.

Newly appointed Assistant Preschool Director, I walked in that first Sunday on the job ready to take on the world. Snacks were stocked and coloring pages were passed out; worship hour was starting. Still getting my bearings on the ins and outs, the preschool director gave me my first official task.

“Go get Sally; she must have forgotten it’s her turn in the preschool class today.”

I was so on it. Well, I was until about halfway down the aisle I realized the congregation had just been asked to take a seat. Now, a little timid since I had to walk all the way down the aisle to Sally, I picked up the pace. I found her, leaned in, and quietly whispered,

“I think you forgot, today is your day in preschool.” I held up the schedule in my hand as proof.

“Um, no. I need to be in here today. This is more important,” she replied.

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