Teach with More Confidence and Clarity

The Teacher’s Outline & Study Bible (TOSB) is an in-depth, easy to follow resource for creating sermon series & lessons or deep personal study. Each volume contains four months of solid, Bible-based weekly lessons, 35-45 minutes in length.

For each lesson, the TOSB features:

  • Bible Outlines – All Scripture is outlined, verse by verse, highlighting the main points of the passage.
  • Inspiring Commentary – Practical commentary on each verse and point makes it easier to teach and understand.
  • Study Questions – Thought-provoking questions draw your students into the lesson at their need level.
  • Illustrations – Insightful illustrations uphold the principles of Scripture.
  • Applications – Real-life application of the Scripture promotes spiritual growth
  • Summaries – Lesson summary brings it all together and helps you restate the points your students need to remember most

In Wordsearch, you can arrange the outlines and the commentary in separate windows alongside your favorite Bible translation. This helps you see the context of the passage and easily navigate between verses and the supporting material.

When you open a lesson, you’ll see a title for the study, followed by the verses, a practical goal or aim of the study, a key memory verse, an introduction, a commentary, real world application, illustrations that make the lesson clear, and questions to stimulate thought.

This is followed by a reflections and response section, which can be a journal for the leader or used as a way for your group to make the lesson more personable. There is also a section called “A Closer Look” that includes more details for preachers and teachers. You get all of this for every single lesson in this set.

TOSB will quickly become one of your go-to resources in Wordsearch. Two new volumes have just been released, and all volumes are on sale. Learn more and see a video here.