New! McMaster Studies Series

The McMaster Studies Series includes two new sets that provide insight and perspective on important issues in the Christian faith. McMaster Divinity College has committed itself to the “transformational paradigm” of “knowing the Word of God, being transformed into Christ’s image, and doing the work of ministry.” They push beyond informational to transformational in their courses, and you’ll feel that ethos and mission as you study with these volumes published by the college. 

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New Studies in Biblical Theology Series

“This series… offers a wealth of serious theological engagement and biblical faithfulness, and displays some of the best biblical theology in this generation.” – R. Albert Mohler, Preaching, Spring 2017

New Studies in Biblical Theology is an (ongoing) set of 45 volumes that addresses key issues in the discipline of biblical theology.

Accessible and practical, the volumes were created to help you understand your Bible better. Edited by D. A. Carson, they aim to simultaneously instruct and to edify, to interact with current scholarship and to point the way ahead.

Each Volume Focuses on One or More of Three Areas:

  • The nature and status of biblical theology, including its relations with other disciplines (e.g. historical theology, exegesis, systematic theology, historical criticism, narrative theology);
  • The articulation and exposition of the structure of thought of a particular biblical writer or corpus; and
  • The delineation of a biblical theme across all or part of the biblical corpora.

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New! Foundations of Evangelical Theology

Most series of this nature are similar to a history of doctrine, whereas Foundations of Evangelical Theology has its main focus on Scripture in order to produce the most up-to-date work in systematic theology. There are a variety of contributors in this set, and most come from a Reformed perspective. However, both alternative evangelical and non-evangelical options are covered. The Foundations of Evangelical Theology focuses on the historical orthodox doctrines of the church.

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New! Interpretation Bible Resources on Sale Now!

One of the top sellers of the past few years at Wordsearch, the Interpretation Bible Commentary Series offers an exposition of the books of the Bible written for those who teach, preach, and study the Bible.

Now, introducing a new series to the Wordsearch platform, the Interpretation Bible Resources, is addressed to the same audience and serves a similar purpose, providing additional resources for the interpretation of Scripture, but now dealing with features, themes, and issues significant for the whole rather than with individual books.

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Happy 4th of July! – 4 Series on Sale Plus 4 Free Volumes

Welcome to the 2019 Fourth of July Sale. This year, we are offering massive discounts on FOUR of our top selling bundles in recent years. Each of these sets have all of their individual volumes listed below with each book being discounted down to only FOUR dollars each.

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New! Short Studies in Biblical Theology

Short studies. Long lasting knowledge.

Published by Crossway, Short Studies in Biblical Theology is a set that aims to connect the resurgence of biblical theology at the academic level with everyday believers. Each of the eight volumes within this series is written in such a way that no prior theological training or knowledge on the topic is needed to understand the subject matter.

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